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winter wears high heels

1) Dear slush denizens: don't try to generate reader interest by withholding information. this never works.

2) My chili needs a flavor note or two reinforced. Smokiness and umami, I think. Now, what would add those things?

3) Oh, I know.


4) Via Warren Ellis, whose links I keep clicking on, even though I know it's a bad fucking idea:


It's The Toxic Avenger.

In a schoolgirl costume.

5) Polar bears.

6) I want a hot tub.

7) And a conservatory.

8) Buy more books, so I can behave like a shameless capitalist! (No, I don't really mean that. Well, yes, please, go ahead and buy books if the spirit moves you.)

9) ~ 4 pages written today, much less than I wanted. Still not king.

10) More horrible teases for the secrit projekt. Sorry about that. I didn't know the image was slated for deletion. I suck.

ETA Amanda was kind enough to put one back up, so I look less like a feeb. Tah dah.
Tags: ten things, wtf
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