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it's lovely weather for a sleighride together with you.

More sentence-level work:

How to take a flabby sentence and make it buff!: I scorched my palm on the painted wood.

Painted wood scorched my palm.

via tanaise

This Sunday, on 60 Minutes, Lesley Stahl will look into the U.S.military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, offering evidence in the form of Army Sgt. Darren Manzella that the armed forces look the other way during wartime, refusing to discharge troops even in the face of"graphic proof" that they are gay.

Some Youtube from Andrew Bird, since my flist has earwormed me....

ETA Some A/V from Mr. Bird's website, including downloadables of "Heretics," "Fiery Crash," and "A Nervous Tic Motion Of The Head To The Left." His stuff is good. No, really.

It's a song about tardive dyskinesia. How geeky can you get?

And also:

I can see why coffeeem keeps saying he looks like cvillette, only Caucasian and without the scary cheekbones. He's nearly skinny enough. (Sorry, Coyote. That's not intended as a cut. I have a thing for skinny geeky boys, anyway. *loff*)

Speaking of which, did you see this? From Neil Gaiman's blog today:

Sometimes making stuff up feels a lot like Coyote* running across the empty space between one rocky pinnacle and the next, and as long as you keep moving you're fine. When you stop and look down, it's suddenly all too apparent that there's absolutely nothing underneath and that you're keeping in the air by a peculiar effort of will.

And then a good day comes, and you start running through the air once again, and, if you're smart, you resolutely don't look down.

* Wile E, or the American Indian one who created the world.


I read that and thought, "I know that guy."

But what if there's bears?

Because I am sneaky, I have renamed the "secrit projekt" tag "wtf". So if you wondered where it went, or wanted to go back and look at stillsostrange's pretty art (more to come) that's where you'll find it.

JJA (John Joseph Adams, to those of you whom he does not regularly reject) is going to be on NPR's All Things Considered tomorrow talking about I Am Legend.

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