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bear by san

March 2017



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problem cat

in space no-one can hear you make that cute little gulping noise you make when i, you know....

Trust the Guardian:

Soviet and American astronauts alleged to have secretly tested possibilities for sex in space.

Sure, don't tell us what *does* work? I think this article would be more convincing if it had included some juicy bits. Any tabloid writer knows THAT.

(My solution was grab bars, and lashing somebody to the wall, but maybe that's too kinky for NASA?)

Really, the appropriate music for this would be Jonathan Couton's "I'm Your Moon," wouldn't it?


Is it wrong that I read that article wondering what does actually work, so I could then either a) write it into a story; or b) try it, should I ever find myself and my honey in space? :p
Well, that was my first question.

I'm figuring a figure-four kind of thing is probably most likely. Especially if you, er, use the wall.

You'd probably want to go with more of a rotational bump-and-grind instead of straight pistonlike thrusting, but, er, nuanced lovers know that trick already. ;-)
No, I was thinking exactly that. And we can't both be wrong. *grins*
Um, yeah, because I've got a story that requires a sex scene in space....
too kinky for NASA

I think possibly this should be put on t-shirts and buttons...
An urban myth, alas. The morals being:

1) If you're writing a book about space then you shouldn't believe everything you read on the Internet.

2) If you're reporting a noteworthy claim in a new book, just see if the author has checked his facts first...

For what it's worth, I suspect that there has been experimentation in Space Shagging over the years - but never as a NASA-sponsored experiment. Can you imagine what Congress would do to the Agency's funding if such a thing ever did happen?
See? I'm telling you. If you are going to bs convincingly, you need to include those telling details....

And really. The first thing we do with any new technology is figure out how to use it for sex and/or kitten pictures. Of course somebody's tried something.
Yeah, I think the figure-4 thing would probably work. I mean, it works in swimming pools, which are a different kind of zero-g.

Oral sex would probably also be very popular.
And where's the bad? *g*

Hyperventilating in a highly oxygenated environment might cause unforeseen problems...
*looks in closet*

*looks on shelf*

*looks behind zero-g crystal growing experiment*

Nope, no bad anywhere! Set to!

Well, if you missed the sardonicism in my post, apparently it's an urban myth.

Ahh, Guardian.
*insert joke about bunnies and cotton balls here*


Note liberal use of word "alleged," above, and mockery of The Guardian.
Velcro. Lots of velcro in some places and none at all in others.
Perhaps a whole competition to see who can use the most NASA spinoffs -- whether it really was a spinoff or just an urban legend. Let's see, that'd give us velcro, space pins, cordless vacuum cleaners, edible toothpaste, Tang....
The Dark Highlander... in space!
I suddenly realized: this is an entirely new explanation for John Carter of Mars's leather harness!

That Edgar Rice Burroughs had a really dirty mind. Right?
*dies laughing*


And see,

I thought the *fertility* implications might be interesting. What with the lack of gravity and all. ;)
Perhaps a lot more strategically placed elastic in their slee sacks. Then you just find the natural frequencies of the modes....
I rather liked the concept of elastic belts and an inflatable tube! It boggles the mind.
My fiction solution was a threesome... I volunteer to test it out and report as soon as I get a chance.
I seriously was thinking, "What's so difficult? What's so hard to figure out?--Ohhhh. It's the intercourse thing. Lots of people have this expectation. Right, right. Okay, carry on with the velcro."
It's been considered in song since at least 1983... I wouldn't be surprised if practical experimentation had been performed.
I'd much prefer the theme to Moonraker.