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bear by san

March 2017



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writing gorey vast reluctance

how we rise when we're born like the ravens in the corn on their wings

Okay, this morning, I finished a hopefully better draft of "King Pole, Gallows Pole, Bottle Tree," and sent it to readers. We'll see what still doesn't work. I also made myself spaghetti squash and lamb chops for lunch (mmm) and washed dishes and cleaned the kitchen and swept the floor, which was getting a little desperate.

Now I'm going to go practice guitar until The Jeff and ashacat get here, so we can drive up to Northampton for Chris Smither at the Iron Horse, since the Nor'easter is forecast to hold off long enough that we don't have to cancel the trip.

In the meantime, here's something to read: a nice note on the official Amazon blog concerning Dust, which is not something I've ever gotten before.

Ooo. It says this blog is controversial. Better run right out and start a fight.

The previous blog entry over there provides a link to this lovely article: The Jonathan Lethem New York Diet, which made me laugh and laugh.

I'm not sure what I'm doing tomorrow, other than getting snowed in. I don't think I'm ready to start work on revising "Overkill" yet. Maybe if I am good, I can get some work done on "Your Collar" or "Smile," or something on Bone & Jewel Creatures. Also, I might try to finish reading Carmen Dog and start Wicked Lovely or Playing in the Dark.

Oh, and Chaz wants me to make bread pudding. And I want to make steam buns. Mung bean paste, I think.

That sounds like a pretty good Sunday at home, doesn't it?


I am right now cursing the fact that an ocean lies between me and bookshops that could conceivably have Dust on their shelves. :P

Mind you, I've been cursing the wait for Dust for awhile. But I think I may have mentioned that already. :)

*pokes Amazon*
I am in easy walking distance from a bookstore that claims it will have Dust on its shelves soon, and I still don't have the book either. I'll have to go start making sad eyes at the service desk if the notification doesn't come soon. Surely they're not going to make me wait until the actual release date!
The waiting's the worst part. :P
If I don't get a notification by the 26th, I'm going to start compulsively refreshing my inbox.

Of course, I do that most days anyway, so no big change there.

It'll be nothing short of a true miracle if I get my hands on a copy before mid-January.
No, I'm sorry. I shouldn't be bitching about the wait. :)
Obvious solution:

Convince a friend in the US to buy the book on the day it comes out, call you, and read it to you over the phone. Problem solved! A real friend would do that for you, right?
Right now I'm checking out vendors on Amazon UK who claim they have it already. :)
I missed Chris Smither when he was here for FOLKUS. I have fond memories of the Iron Horse, though. I saw...BIG SURPRISE!...Gordon Lightfoot there in March about...five(?) years ago. What a great place. Have a good time.
I did! Thank you!
Your blog is controversial? ::blinks::




Congratulations - Wow!!
You make my heart glow by succeeding again and again. How very wonderful.

The latest snow alert for NH is less than 5 inches.
I'll post notes after I return from the 117mile drive in the storm while on rounds.

Guitar callouses are nearly "Horn tough" from daily practice with Spouse even though I can't get to class tomorrow.

Re: Congratulations

Be careful out there, man. The roads are full of morons.
Hi hon!

I hope you had a jolly time at the ole Iron Horse. Nathan and I haven't been there in years. I heard they changed management years ago but never heard more.

We're likely to get snowed in here in Vermont too tomorrow, although my studded snow tires keep us from being too house bound.

The hot cocoa is on and the muffins are in the oven whenever you decide to stop by.

I'm (hopefully) finishing the third draft of my MS tomorrow. It's going to be a good day to be cozied up with kitties watching the snow fall.


Heather R.
PS: Just friended you on my "new" LJ vtwriter.

I was just making myself promise to sit the heck down and answer email tomorrow, including yours.


We can get snowed in together long-distance!
I can't think of better company!
Wound you be willing to share your recipe for steam buns? Pretty please?

Oooh, thank you!