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while the dirty knife wore deep into his spine

Chaz made me ypocras, and now I am kind of goofy. And curled up on my new heating pad (which is officially my favorite possession right this second), with a cat on my hip. I am working on Bone & Jewel Creatures. I have decided that I will get to the maggots and the amputation tonight, come Hell or high water.

And I have realized something:

Oh, dear.
In fifteen or twenty years, I'm going to be hopelessly conventional, aren't I?

[15:21] matociquala: At least they will be more interesting conventions.
[15:23] leahbobet: We will be like "oh all those old farts have fifteen piercings"
[15:23] leahbobet: "pshaw."

Also, I am pleased with Chris Dodd. However, as a native Connecticutian, while I have repeatedly voted for the man, I will say that in general he seems to me to be a politician rather than a man of principle. On the other hand, if 76% of America is against Bush, the politically smart choice is to stand up to him, innit?

And yanno. I *have* been voting for him consistently since I was 18 or so. Which is more than I can say for Joe Lieberman.

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