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bear by san

March 2017



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sf doctor FANtastic!

day's dawning. skin's crawling.

Tyop du jour: "Brazen," she said with her rusty vice
Darling du jour: "Bones," Bijou guessed, which was mostly a safe guess in such cases.

1539 words into "Bone and Jewel Creatures," and it's starting to excite me. I think I'm feeling a little breathless and excited about this one now. See, I've known I had to write it for, oh, what, a good long time now, and even knew what I wanted to write--but it hadn't turned into a story yet. And I knew, because of scheduling, that it had to be written now, this winter. But as recently as a week ago, I really knew nothing about it except one character name--Bijou--and what it is that Bijou does for a living.

And then in the past couple of days the whole thing kind of put itself together in my head.

I should trust the story monster more. I really should. Most of the time, it delivers.

I do kind of think this one was meant to go to Peter Beagle circa 1971, though. It just has that kind of feel to it.

It helps that the pressure is off: I have permission to write exactly what I want, how I want it, and if it's uncommercial as anything, so be it. That's kind of a rare pleasure: I am, more or less, getting to write this story just for me. So I have six pages or so, and I know what the next few scenes are, and the central conflict, and the thematic argument. And I've introduced three of the four main characters, Bijou, Brazen, and the Feral Child, who will eventually have a name, but doesn't yet.

I'm going to take my time with this one, let it be a little bit leisurely, and see how it goes. So instead of trying to write everything I know as soon as I know it, I've just taken a bunch of notes. I know what tomorrow's writing holds, anyway, and possibly the day after that. And then, like what lies after the straight stair and the winding stair, we shall see.

Which means I'm knocking off for the evening, and I'm going to watch Sherlock Holmes and MfU DVDs and maybe read Wicked Lovely. I really need to do something about all this email, but I suspect it's going to have to wait until Saturday, because I do not have the emotional energy to tackle it right now.

Well, maybe I'll get some of it done. People should not have to wait weeks for a response to a friendly email. La.

There appears to be a limit to what I can actually handle doing in a day. Go figure.

P.S.: My hands still hurt so much from climbing yesterday that I only managed a half hour of guitar practice today, and I keep missing keys on the keyboard.


i think your typo should really read; " "rusty" she said in her brazen vice"

brazen vice sounds better than rusty vice. besides i dont think most vices get rusty. do they?
Yeah, it's a matter of keeping them properly lubricated. Lube is your friend.
I very much enjoyed Wicked Lovely. it didn't go an obvious/pat way, several times over, which is nice. ^_^

three shifts at work before the 25th. getting in bed and staying indefinitely has never sounded so good.

Hang in there.
and I'm going to watch Sherlock Holmes and MfU DVDs and maybe read Wicked Lovely.

I am not yet sure how I will feel about Wicked Lovely, but this bit of description won my heart:

Somewhere in the depths of the second train car, music played—another of his mixes with everything from Godsmack to the Dresden Dolls, Sugarcult to Rachmaninoff, and other stuff she couldn't actually identify.

Partially because I do have the Dresden Dolls and Rachmaninoff on my computer, but it's also just very pleasant that a band I like is well-known enough to be character shorthand.

“Then what, exactly, have you been doing in the workshop all day?”
“Brazing,” she said, with her rusty vice.

(Sorry. Couldn't resist.)
>> So I have six pages or so, and I know what the next few scenes are, and the central conflict, and the thematic argument.

How early in gestating or writing a story do you usually know the thematic argument?
Sometimes it's the first thing I get and then I have to build a story around it.

Sometimes it shows up in draft 17.
Ever had a paraffin treatment? The skin-softening is a nice added extra, but they do give good temporary relief from pain and stiffness. And you can do it yourself.
Ew. *g*

Also, the last thing I want to do is soften my skin. I *need* these calluses. I have been working *hard* for these calluses.
Yeah, it's not the calluses I need to lose, it's the hangnails. *hates hangnails* We won't get into the cuticles that disintegrate down to the knuckle; it's a bad scene and I don't want to think about it.
But the hot wax feels really, really good when your hands are taking hostages and sending out curtly-worded demands.
The odds of me not using my hands in any give five minute period when I'm no sleeping?



Really, not my scene. There's a reason I don't wear nailpolish.
Nail polish? When they make a kind that'll stay on when I wash dishes (or, say, when I wash my hair, for chrissakes) I'll look into it. Until them--it looks pretty in those eency bottles. And can stay there.

I can not use my hands for five minutes while awake. But it takes effort.