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bear by san

March 2017



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holmes confidence

"Come on Watson. The game is afoot!"

writers watch TV. context is king.

[21:37] matociquala: (Watson is mad at Holmes for telling Mycroft he wasn't dead)
[21:37] katallen: awh
[21:38] matociquala: (Holmes has been to Tibet.)
[21:38] katallen: dalying with lamas?
[21:38] matociquala: indeed
[21:38] matociquala: He seems oblivious to the fact that he's been rather cruel to poor Watson
[21:39] katallen: yes, poor John
[21:39] matociquala: And Mrs. Hudson is having hysterics
[21:40] stillnotbored: poor Mrs. Hudson
[21:40] matociquala: "Are you still in possession of your army revolver?"
[21:40] matociquala: He only loves Watson for his gun.
[21:41] katallen: ::grins::
[21:41] matociquala: "My dear Holmes, please, my bedroom is at your disposal."
[21:41] matociquala: ...
[21:42] matociquala: (Aw, he went to tuck Holmes in.)
[21:42] matociquala: (With a tartan blankie)
[21:42] katallen: awh
[21:43] matociquala: *writes a thousand times on the internets, "I will not slash Holmes and Watson."*
[21:44] stillnotbored: lol
[21:45] matociquala: "I trust that age has not withered nor custom staled my infinite variety."
[21:50] katallen: o.o
[21:52] matociquala: "This empty house is my tree! And you are my tiger!"
[21:53] matociquala: "I hope you observed all precautions, Mrs. Hudson?"
[21:54] matociquala: "Oh yes sir, I went to it on my knees, exactly as you told me. I've a good crick in my back to prove it!"
[21:54] matociquala: ...

*is 12*


Oh yeah. I miss him a *lot*.

Unintentional double entendres aside, this is a lovely show.
But, but, Watson and Holmes are so very slashable. I mean, even as a teen, before I discovered slash -- reading the scene where Watson discovers that Holmes didn't die on Reichenbach falls after all, and faints, used to give me such pleasurable chills.

I guess I was just meant to be a slash fan. Though not quite as so much as a friend who reported asking her mother, at age eight or so, why Robin Hood needed Maid Marian when he already had Little John.
Well, except for the bit where Holmes seems to be asexual.
Well, this was the Victorian era, after all. What Holmes and Watson got up to behind closed doors couldn't be mentioned in the stories. But it does explain his lack of interest in the woman quite well.
I think there are few enough asexual characters in the world that I don't need to convert any of them to heterosexuals, homosexuals, or bisexuals.

(Yes, Russell T. Davies, I am looking right the hell at you.)
Have you encountered Nate Bucklin's song "Asexuals in Love"? I can't find the words online, but I can send you an MP3 if you'd like.
no, I haven't. But that's okay; I'm not much for filk.

It's one of my many many moral failings....
No problem, but it's not filk. Nate's a singer/songwriter, but he's closer to rock than filk or folk.
Aha! Thank you for clearing up my misconception.
(Yes, Russell T. Davies, I am looking right the hell at you.)

la la la I can't *hear* you I've wrapped my head in Tom Baker's scarf....
*The Doctor stands there, looking nonplussed*
The pair of them *are* Holmes and Watson - I suspect I will always compare all others unfavourably... at length, loudly, during the programme, to the annoyance of anyone foolish enough to tell me I should give X new version a chance :D
It's exceedingly true.

I hear their voices in my head when I read now.
*still holds a torch for Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce*

Not having seen much of the Brett series, he is just as much Freddie Eynsford-Hill for me *g*
I could never imagine how Nigel Bruce survived his years in the army... :)
"Holmes, is that a pipe in you pocket?"
Of course, Holmes and Watson are the subject of one of the few professionally published slash (as opposed to slashy or numbers-filed-off) novels in Rohase Piercy's My Dearest Holmes which, incidentally, is dreadful, so don't get excited.

The Adventure of the Dying Detective, isn't it?

Have you seen the story about the giant rat found in Java? First thing I thought of was the reference to The Giant Rat of Sumatra...which in itself was the subject of a book by Richard Boyer.

And a very, very funny Firesign Theatre Holmes Parody. Aptly titled, "The Giant Rat of Sumatra."

Because geeks make the best parodists.
I already have slashed Holmes and Watson, though only the first couple actually got written down. (And not posted anywhere, because they're pretty much pure smut.)
"Are you saying that...Watson...is your cup of tea?"