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we are spirits in the material world

Fantasy Book Critic Blog reviews Dust. (VERY Spoilery! And, indcidentally, spelling Perceval's name wrong.)

(Tristen is hurt to be thought generic. It's okay, Tristen: you look like a young Johnny Winter. It won't hurt for long.)

Also, Blog of the Fallen, which I believe is an associated site, names truepenny's The Mirador as one of the best of 2007.

While I'm rounding up some blog reviews, morning_glory read and liked A Companion to Wolves. And *got* it. Got it makes me so happy.

The Queen of Sheba read and liked Hammered. And also got it.

But lest you think it's all blood and roses, realpestilence thought Blood & Iron was pretty sloppy.

2ce thought the Jenny books were pretty okay. And liked Undertow. 

thebostonreader liked Hammered, rather better than Carnival. (It is kind of startling to me that the little blue book is still selling as well as it is. I wonder if it will go back for a fifth printing, one of these days.)

fiction_theory reviews Whiskey & Water, and pretty much likes everything except Jewels. She's not easy to like. It's a fair cop.

oursin reviews A Companion to Wolves and likes it. And really gets it. In that happy way that makes a writer bounce. Hah! You caught me! (getting caught is half the fun.)

And Lisa Paitz Spindler provides the inestimal Jenny with a Danger Girl Friday profile. (Across the room, from where she sits in the rocking chair in the corner by the book case, Jenny just looked up from the copy of Wicked Lovely I am supposed to be reading and polished her nails, and asked if I had put the coffee on yet. You know, there are a lot of people in this very small apartment sometimes.)

Also, there are a bunch of very mixed reviews of A Companion to Wolves up on Amazon. Which will mostly inform you that yes, Oh Noes It Has Teh [Anagram for Subtext], and that there are readers out there who assume that a little narrative role-reversal means the authors are acting out deeply held aggressive and angry feelings towards men. (I am the UNSUB.) But also, that the readers who get the book really, really like it.

Which is good, because we wrote it for them.

In a non-related inquiry, here's another place where one could make a donation to support The Motion Picture & Television Fund's Work Stoppage Relief Fund and help out the "Below the Line" crew affected by the WGA strike. There's also a Criminal Minds-specific crew relief fund being run by the fans over here.

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