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just keep typing until you get to the amputation

Another sentence desucking, in passing:

That would make them the more challenging to work with.

That would make the work challenging.

The work would be challenging.

1634 words on Bone & Jewel Creatures tonight. Knocking off for the evening.
300.8 miles to Lothlorien

Mean things: amputation, necrosis, necromancy

And more of what passes for writers hard at work....

[17:45] matociquala: tyop: dashed out its own brins
[17:46] stillsostrange: (287)
[17:46] hawkwing_lb: heh
[17:47] matociquala: I just got to write this sentence, though: "Despite the maggots, the putrefaction had spread up the arm."
[17:47] jmeadows: hee
[17:47] hawkwing_lb: hee
[17:48] hawkwing_lb: I like that sentence.
[17:48] matociquala: it packs a lot in, doesn't it?
[17:48] leahbobet: eeew.
[17:49] matociquala: I just have to get past the amputation and the corpse beetles and I can have dinner
[17:49] matociquala: I love my job.
[17:49] stillsostrange: mmm, maggots
[17:51] matociquala: (1036)
[17:56] stillsostrange: (395)
[17:56] stillsostrange: and scene
[17:56] stillsostrange: god that was ugly
[17:56] matociquala: *\o/*
[17:56] leahbobet: (285)
[17:57] stillsostrange: they're going to revoke my pretty-and-plotless license over this. :P
[17:57] hawkwing_lb: yay!
[17:57] leahbobet: *kills all words ever*
[17:58] stillsostrange: I seem to have no one conscious to watch the pyroclast
[17:58] matociquala: Omni!
[17:59] stillsostrange: I just did the omni bit and it sucked. :P
[17:59] matociquala: really, volcanic eruptions are what God gave us omni for
[17:59] matociquala: fix it later.
[17:59] matociquala: drafts can suck
[17:59] matociquala: alternately, nobody conscious means you don't have to write it
[18:01] leahbobet: *kills one hole*
[18:01] leahbobet: *turns to second*
[18:01] stillsostrange: Well, this one sucks a lot.
[18:01] stillsostrange: But it's closer to done now that it was when it was 14k longer. :P
[18:04] matociquala: Another line I like:
[18:04] matociquala: "They filled the brazier and set it to heat, and so was all laid in readiness."
[18:04] matociquala: I think I am a mean person
[18:04] leahbobet: I think so, yes.
[18:04] leahbobet: The arm agrees.
[18:04] beatriceeagle: I'd have to agree.
[18:04] matociquala: 1247
[18:04] matociquala: Well, the feral child is getting a prosthesis
[18:05] matociquala: so it's not all bad
[18:05] matociquala: blood poisoning, no sulfa drugs, arm gotta go, you know.
[18:05] leahbobet: (why do I not have any cookies?)
[18:05] leahbobet: (cookies would make this story go.)
[18:05] hawkwing_lb: (because I have them)
[18:05] stillsostrange: Why do I not have any more chocolate?
[18:05] hawkwing_lb: (*shares*)
[18:05] matociquala: (because you were bad and santa brought you COAL.)
[18:05] leahbobet: :(
[18:06] leahbobet: I feel bad should = cookies.
[18:06] matociquala: bad = cookies from boys
[18:06] matociquala: not santa
[18:06] leahbobet: I don't have cookies from boys either. :(
[18:06] leahbobet: Just being blown off for inexplicable reasons.
[18:06] matociquala: oh boo
[18:07] leahbobet: It is only just if a boy shows up at my door right now with cookies and a certification in massage.
[18:07] leahbobet: And the sentences which will finish this story, copied down from The Future.
[18:08] leahbobet: such are my demands.
[18:08] beatriceeagle: That last part would definitely open a paradox, Leah.
[18:08] beatriceeagle: I don't think the universe loves any of us that much.
[18:09] leahbobet: If I cannot have cookies, I'm taking the whole thing down with me.
[18:09] beatriceeagle: Then it's clear. To save the universe, we have to find a way to get cookies to Leah.
[18:10] leahbobet: (okay, the second most popular topic on this symptoms health site?)
[18:10] leahbobet: (genital herpes.)
[18:10] hawkwing_lb: (....)
[18:11] hawkwing_lb: *fears world*
[18:11] matociquala: how about a heating pad?
[18:11] hawkwing_lb: *and all within it*
[18:11] leahbobet: I feel bad for all those people who are sitting on their computers trying to self-diagnose herpes.
[18:11] matociquala: I have no boy, but I have a heating pad and Irish coffee
[18:11] leahbobet: you have a transition?
[18:11] matociquala: #
[18:11] leahbobet: I will take your offer.
[18:12] matociquala: I just used it between the first part of the amputation and the second part
[18:12] matociquala: *g*
[18:12] leahbobet: The world is safe...for now.
[18:12] matociquala: yay!
[18:12] hawkwing_lb: woo!
[18:12] beatriceeagle: *cheers*
[18:12] beatriceeagle: Super Bear has saved the day.
[18:19] leahbobet: *uses the #*
[18:19] leahbobet: *ends up with a one-sentence scene*
[18:19] leahbobet: *deems it artistick*
[18:20] stillsostrange: Possibly the characters should have crossed the dam before they blew it up...
[18:20] stillsostrange: Possibly I will make them smarter in revision.

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