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bear by san

March 2017



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lion in winter broken because you're bri

i believe it only rained 'round here these thirty years

Gotta remember to go buy cream and coffee today.

Festive solstice, all.

Yes, I am actually working this morning. 44o words so far, though it's slow going. 

So here, have some footage of sloths. (It was research, honest!):

Awesome video of a three-toed sloth in Dallas.

More sloths.

Now I totally want a sloth to come live with me. Is that awesome or what?

Baaaaaaby sloth!

Slothful sloth.

Swimming sloth, with human interference.

Slightly more responsible stranded sloth assistance.

Here's a harpy eagle taking a sloth. Poor sloth! Impressive eagle. 



My favourite ever line from a book is about a Sloth. It's from Patric O'Brian's 'Aubrey and Maturin' books. Dr Maturin brings a sloth on board ship that dislikes Cpt Aubrey, so the Captain bribes it with rum soaked biscuit. When the Dr discovers his inebriated sloth he says 'Sir! You have debauched my Sloth!"

Which I found hysterically funny.
Heh. I've had that one quoted at me before.

It seems to be a very popular scene.
"Sloth" is definitely one of my very favorite words in the English language.

Sloth. Sloth, sloth, sloth.

Baby sloth picture

Re: Baby sloth picture

I love that picture. The baby is a cute little hugging coconut.
That was pretty astoundin, wasn't it? Like a marine belly-crawling in slo mo.
I didn't realise sloths were so hopeless on the flat. :)

Like a marine belly-crawling in slo mo

What it reminded me of was the Aber mountaineering club who, during colleg rag week, as a stunt used to "climb" along the pavement of the promenade with ropes and belays etc.
Neither did I. It swims much better than it walks.
There is an Ogden Nash Poem that has the line

"These are the cooks that befuddle the broth

torpor and Sloth, Torpor and sloth"

Sloths are nifty. When I visited the Sibling back when she was still a zookeeper I got to meet (and pet!) her sloth. Their fur is very wiry.
The slow loris is also interesting for aficionados of critters that move in slow motion.
How can you say no to a critter that sucks venom out of its own armpits?

One wonders if they are evolutionarily related to Rush Limbaugh.
Okay, you made me laugh out loud at that one.
The Slow Loris Anti-defamation League will be getting in touch with you for that one, amadame. Eventually. Sometime.
If they get around to it.

O I love me them sloths

I love their faces and their amazing claws.

I read once in "Smithsonian" that sloths only eliminate in the rain and so, if you have a sloth of your own, you need to sprinkle them with a hose to help them out. Which, yanno, I would gladly do if I could have a sloth-buddy.

Sloths are high on my list of species I would like to see replace humanity as the dominant Earth species. Sloths, cuttlefish, ravens, and beluga whales. If we wipe ourselves out completely, I vote for one of them to move on up.

I'm weird, I know. But hey, you knew that.

Re: O I love me them sloths

Today I gave a long talk on the intelligence of ravens to a coworker who doubted the intelligence of avians.

This may not teach my coworkers to not get me started on a tangent when I'm sleep deprived, but I figure I have a better shot at surviving the corvid uprising.

Re: O I love me them sloths

Huh. That can be my fascinating fact for the day...
I have always been fond of Megatherium, but they are not all that cuddly.


But dude, you got a barbequed Megatherium and some beers, you got a party.
Nice with a red pepper rub, yeah.

You know giant sloths may have lasted into the 16th century in Cuba?
cool.. i wonder who ate the last one, the Carribs or the Spaniards.. ;-(

Happy Solstice for you

Happy days getting longer day for me, tomorrow.
If the sun beats that crocodile, anyway...