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December 2021



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bear by san

Book Report #84: Toni Morrison, Playing in the Dark

I'm pretty sure I read this in college, but college was a long long time ago.

It's an excellent book, a compilation of three critical essays dealing with the ways in which white American writers have historically dealt (or attempted not to deal) with the issue of race, and the final essay--explicating Hemingway, among other things--is alone worth the price of admission.


Hmm, hadn't realized until I saw your post that ELP had done a version of "I Believe in Father Christmas". Why??? I can't find an MP3 online, so I guess I should refrain from muttering "sacrilege" just yet.

Sounds like a good book. Sorry 'bout the musical diversion.
...I had no idea there were versions other than the ELP version!

I have dusted off the holiday music. Most of it, pretty sardonic....
The original Greg Lake solo version is all over teh intrawebs. YouTube video here.

But you are right, it is weird holiday music time. I shall be dusting off loads of silly stuff: "Grandma got run over by a reindeer", "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas", and The Three Stooges managing to "Wreck the Halls with Boughs of Holly", to name but a few.
Gordon Lightfoot, "Song For A Winter's Night," right now. Nothing like a little holiday music to slit your wrists to....
Solstice sacrifices should be timed for around 1:00pm EST. But in the interests of the SF&F community could I suggest that you offer a goat instead?
Goat: also tastier when jerked.

I should point out also that most Gods I know don't accept bears as sacrifices as doing so tends to result in below average sacrifice income and an alarming drop in the number of worshipers.

Also Gordon Lightfoot can't be anywhere near as depressing as watching the England cricket team. *sigh*
Oh man.

Sorry about that.
That's such an excellent book. I've reread it often. So good on Conrad and Cather, so good overall.
It is. It is full of crunchy little sentences.

Also, Toni Morrison = Smrt. & Good riter.