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be vewy vewy kwiet. i'm hunting plotbunnies.

1537 words on Bone & Jewel Creatures today, to  total of 8,165. Now, we just have to figure out what the bad guy's plan is, my protagonists and me.

My work habits seem to be shifting: I find it much easier to accomplish wordcount if the music is turned off and I am alone in a quiet house. It used to be that I could work in any kind of chaos, and that music helped me focus. Now, I find it a distraction, and that it slows me down enormously even to just have music playing.

That kind of makes me sad, because I liked having the music on while I worked.

I think part of what's happened is that as I've become a better writer, my process has become less about slipping into a trance state and letting the words come out, freely generated by my ever-busy right-brain, and more about a handoff process between the two hemispheres. Which is to say, the music (or chaos) probably used to serve as a distraction for the detail-oriented linear side of my brain, so it would get out of the way and let me work. Now, I've trained the damned thing to help out around the house a little, so it actually pitches in while the creative function is underway, and so distracting it with other input means that the creative/originating/nonlinear function is stuck there with its hand out waiting for the damned scrub nurse to hand it the clamp, HELLO, are you WITH ME? rather than just reaching for the tools itself.

Of course, this means that my process overall has gotten a lot more efficient, and I'm no longer writing incomprehensible knots of stories in which sequence of action and line of direction get more than a little fuzzy. So I'd say it's a win.

Now that the work for today is done, I get to go play Scrabble and eat Thai food. Viva Saturday Night!
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