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bear by san

March 2017



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froud magician

be vewy vewy kwiet. i'm hunting plotbunnies.

1537 words on Bone & Jewel Creatures today, to  total of 8,165. Now, we just have to figure out what the bad guy's plan is, my protagonists and me.

My work habits seem to be shifting: I find it much easier to accomplish wordcount if the music is turned off and I am alone in a quiet house. It used to be that I could work in any kind of chaos, and that music helped me focus. Now, I find it a distraction, and that it slows me down enormously even to just have music playing.

That kind of makes me sad, because I liked having the music on while I worked.

I think part of what's happened is that as I've become a better writer, my process has become less about slipping into a trance state and letting the words come out, freely generated by my ever-busy right-brain, and more about a handoff process between the two hemispheres. Which is to say, the music (or chaos) probably used to serve as a distraction for the detail-oriented linear side of my brain, so it would get out of the way and let me work. Now, I've trained the damned thing to help out around the house a little, so it actually pitches in while the creative function is underway, and so distracting it with other input means that the creative/originating/nonlinear function is stuck there with its hand out waiting for the damned scrub nurse to hand it the clamp, HELLO, are you WITH ME? rather than just reaching for the tools itself.

Of course, this means that my process overall has gotten a lot more efficient, and I'm no longer writing incomprehensible knots of stories in which sequence of action and line of direction get more than a little fuzzy. So I'd say it's a win.

Now that the work for today is done, I get to go play Scrabble and eat Thai food. Viva Saturday Night!


Shouldn't that be "pwotbunnies"?
Indeed it should.
I can and do write in noise (work, airplanes, convention hallways, *g*) but at home I *need* quiet. I've got out of the habit of having music on at all and have to remind myself sometimes that e.g. tidying up goes better with music. But then, I usually opt for listening to a TV episode on DVD via wireless headphones. :)
I've noticed my own writing process has changed the same way. I find myself finishing a day's writing, getting up to stretch, and then putting on the music and the coffee. I thought at first that it was part of the really down and unproductive cycle I was in, but I'm picking up now and the pattern of silence continues.

I can still write in noisy places, like the coffee shop. I just don't go out of my way to make the place I'm in noisy any more.
I gone through a similar change of habit. When writing was a freewheeling carnival of pretty words, I could do it anywhere, and usually with music. Now that it's a job, with a deadline, I have to do it in silence and light.
yum, sounds good.

HAve a plot bunny :D
When i was detoxing from years of abuse, there was time then music was painful. Interfered with my thinking. The i could tolerate Classical, which i never much liked (no gots no riddim)

Now i listen to NPR talk, but it gets tuned out real easy when i think..

Not that that's worth much.

And re our email conversation; Breadcrumbs. You need to drop a few more breadcrumbs for the poor readers trying to track you through the dark scary woods.

Hey! i just used one of them metty-for things.

that is a cool plot bunny icon.
I listen to NPR in the morning, but yeah, I tune it out. But I can't listen to it while writing anymore. Also kind of sad.


The thing that works for me while writing, and when I'm stuck, I pick a book from my library and start reading. Not any book will do, it has to be fiction, and something more or less close to the thing that I'm writing.

At some point there's a sentence, a word perhaps, that activates my creativity again, and from that sentence/word I develop whole new paragraphs. Does not work all the time.

I'm deep into a novel, 73.000 words in the first rough version, and am getting a bit stuck because there's some character I've developed who does not seem to fit into the overall story. I know he should be in there, because at some point it seemed reasonable and I needed his point of view, but he needs to turn up again in the grand finale, and there's the snag.

I'm sure that if I pick up some book I'll get an idea so that he will prove to be of specific importance in the story . . . and by now you've guessed that I do no plotting in advance. For which I usually pay a price. But plotting -- for me -- kills the creativity. I'd like stories and books to develop themselves as they are being written.

Re: Writing

I think the trick for any writer is to find a process that works, whatever process that might be, and stick with it as long as it continues to work.

And then when it stops working, do something else!
I used to like quiet, but then discovered that music helps me focus and that it keeps my infernal editor distracted and away from the doings. I can write much faster with the music very loud, which the kids get a big kick out of, as I can't help but do this funny 'chair boogie' sort of thing, too :D

I guess it might not last like this from what you and others are saying, but for right now, it's great. I've never been much of a music person, so I'm finding all sorts of new music, too.

I can see that getting rid of the knots early on for your stories is definitely the way to go, though, how cool!

Happy holidays, and happy blogging--you write the best blog!
Thank you!

And hey, the thing about process is that you should use whatever process works, for as long as it continues to work.