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December 2021



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down at the mainspring, listen to the tick-tock--

Friday night, I signed contracts with Subterranean to do a second book about Sebastien and Abby Irene.

It will be a long novella (~30,000 words) and as with New Amsterdam, there will be a standard edition and then a limited edition with attached chapbook. I hve no idea what the planned publication date is yet, but I would guess early 2009.

Title when I know what it is, because I don't, yet. I hear a rumor we might get the amazing Patrick Arrasmith for the cover again.

Merry Solstice!

And now, back to Bone & Jewel Creatures. Slog, slog.


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Thank you!

The nice thing about Sebastien is that he's old, and tends to have adventures, so there's lot of possibilities in writing about him.

And I love Abby Irene dearly.
O joy unbounded,
With books surrounded,
The knell's resounded
Of grief and woe!

(with no apologies whatever to either Gilbert or you. can't wait to see who dies this time!)

maybe me!!!!
Thank you!
Wow. I JUST finished New Amsterdam this past week...and now I her there will be more? REJOICE!
God willing and the creek don't rise, anyway. We do our best!
That's great! One of my fave books of yours.
Glad you liked it!
yay we likes it... What's the next country (duchy) west of NA..
New Amsterdam is in New Holland. West of that is Iroquois territory.
Yeah! I will be looking forward to it.
Thank you!

I can't wait to find out what happens, myself...
*seizes large cat*

*performs w00t! dance*

*large cat is perplexed, but purrs anyway*
Over here, the PC is being pushy this morning. I suspect she thinks the apartment is too cold.
Congrats! I loved New Amsterdam. Hmm... where are you going to fit that novella into next year's schedule, though? ;)

p.s. Just bought Realms of Fantasy and the artwork for 'Hobnoblin Blues' is even *better* in the flesh!
It's already scheduled for January, and has been for a while.

Isn't that fabu art? I should send Dave Leri chocolate.
Yay you!

Now if I can just get this thing for Monkeybrain finished...

Must. Finish. Drafts. Must. Finish. Drafts.
PS: You do know what follows a mainspring, right?

Yay! More New Amsterdam!!

BTW, I am about a third of the way through Dust, & love it more than I love any of your other books, to the level of your short stories. =)
Oh, thank you!
More Abby Irene? Huzzah! The news alone is a Solstice gift. Congratulations!
Friday night, I signed contracts with Subterranean to do a second book about Sebastien and Abby Irene.



Who are they again? *grin*

And now, a dance for the satisfied reader.
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