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Oh, yeah, and one more thing before I forget:

Dusting off my grumpy old fart/anthropologist hat for a bit, somebody should REALLY remind the world in general and fans of evolutionary psychology in particular and fans of evolution psychology writing science fiction in specific that hunter-gatherer societies are in general far more egalitarian and less hierarchal than agrarian ones.

This whole romanticized view of tribal life to justify completely bogus evolutionary psychology designed to reinforce whatever the romanticizer's preconceptions of the idealized primeval human state are thing gets up my nose so fucking bad I can't stand it.

And while we're at it, can somebody tell those Atkins/"caveman diet" folks that in your typical hunter-gatherer ("Appropriator," my favorite anth professor would have insisted) society, 90% of the calories are provided by women's labor?

An appropriator diet is really healthy.

It's mostly vegetables and insects.

Nom nom nom.
Tags: blood and rhetoric, screeds & manifestos, the sound of one faucet dripping, there will always be assholes

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