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i'm gonna tie your wrists with leather and drill a tiny hole into your head.

four things make a post, because I ran out:

I think I have finished the revision of "King Pole, Gallows Pole, Bottle Tree." I got a little more than 400 words out of the first twenty pages. And I think the rest of it was already pretty okay, so I just poked it a little.

Favorite paragraph that didn't survive the surgery:

Hey, did you know Lassie was a boy dog? True story. They're bigger and more impressive, so that's what got cast. She may have been the first drag queen on TV.

So tomorrow I can print it out and mail it in.

So, ashacat and I are contemplating taking up a martial art in the spring, and I was wondering, from the martial artists reading this--what do you practice, and what do you like/dislike about it?

A nice thoughtful review of A Companion to Wolves at Hippoi Athanatoi. I feel like I should correct a misapprehension re: auctorial intent, there. Sarah and I didn't write the book with the intent to shock anybody. Rather, we wrote the book because we were having fun with the genderfuck and worldbuilding and story, and we wanted to shine some light into a corner of the genre we both had some problems with. And when we had finished, we looked at it and said, well, this is gonna be a tough sell, and is going to ruffle a few feathers.

And then we decided to sell it anyway. Though that took a while.

(We did have one publisher before Tor make an offer on it, if we took the sex out. Which more or less would have made it the book we were having the issues with in the first place, so we politely declined.)

I'm generally pleased and surprised that the response has been so overwhelmingly positive, with a few exceptions, and that many people seem to be taking the genderfuck in stride. (The secondhand comment here from somebody who has worked with wolf-packs and who thought the canine dynamic was realistic, made me bounce up and down and squee. Trellwolves are not socially exactly like earth wolves, but I think their behavior pattern works pretty well, biologically speaking, given their genetics.)

Also, for the record, Sarah wrote all the sex scenes. And Emma wrote all the torture scenes.

Oh, wait.

That other one is a different book, and you haven't read it yet. *g*

[19:51] matociquala: I think I need pajamas
[19:51] matociquala: And a hatchet.
[19:51] stillnotbored: o.0
[19:55] leahbobet: ...
[19:56] leahbobet: You were called by the guy from Scream?
[19:56] matociquala: Revising.
[19:56] matociquala: Or, sorry
[19:56] matociquala: "Revising"
[19:56] matociquala: *lays about self*
[19:56] matociquala: HEEEYAH!
[19:57] leahbobet: heeee
[19:57] stillnotbored: I am so missing something
[19:57] matociquala: *hews words*
[19:57] matociquala: 41! 42! 43!
[19:57] matociquala: the last one had an iron collar
[19:58] leahbobet: de rigeur in Mordor this spring.

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