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bear by san

March 2017



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sf farscape d'argo's your daddy

The cat and I are sharing the heating pad. Which is to say, it's draped over the back of my work chair, and she's sitting on the draped part that is not under my shoulders, purring like a Wookiee in a state of ecstacy. (This is one of those cats who gets vocalizations into her purr, little croons and mrrts.)

She approves of this thing that makes an artificial electric lap.

Really, she wants me to get up and feed her breakfast, but we're trying to get our wordcount this morning, so the cat remains unwaxed. Besides, I kind of like the attention.

Thanks to everybody who answered my martial arts question. Great fodder for thought and research there, and I feel a bit more well-grounded now.


If you do martial arts, I'd highly recommend also doing leg lifts and other exercises designed to strength the muscles around your knees. Women tend to sport-related knee injuries, and you really, really don't want to tear a ligament. Trust me. /voice of experience.
if this writing gig don't work out...


actually it's working out, doncher know. Got Wastelands yesterday. There you were right there with Steven King. If you practice guitar, maybe you can get into "The Rockbottom Remainders."
Then your dad would be really jealous.

Really jealous.

And just about done with "Wolves." You were wrong. I think it's great. Perhaps the wolfcarls are a little too modern and sensitive for troll killing guys who were too rough trade to go a-viking, but a great book. ;-)

Can't wait for the other collaboration.
My Seamus was Highly Indignant that I did not leave the heating pad on while we were gone for the holiday. Five days, heating pad? I don't think so.

Besides, we have a queen size hot water bottle in the bedroom! Honestly, cats have the worst entitlement mentality of all.
the cat and I used to argue about the heating pad.

And when I was home on Tuesday, the cat and I ended up finding the same warmish and out of the way corner to curl up in. She was not thrilled.
You were in HER TERRITORY.

Apparently cat territories are four-dimensional. They have a time element. So like, Boris might get the steps in the afternoon, but Claude gets them in the morning.
You give the best fodder for metal train wrecks.

Imagine if you will, someone trying to give a cat a bikini wax.

The sound effect of a Buzz Saw going just keeps playing.
Friends of mine used to have a heated matress pad; they'd have to use a prybar to move the cats off when it was time for bed. Right now, mine are camping out by the bathroom heater. I expect at least one of them to learn how to turn it on soon.
Cat waxing as a martial art?