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Ode to a silver hair found in my hairbrush:

Your bottom half is blonde and straight.
Your top half is white and curly.
I guess we ran out of melanin halfway through production.
I am not quite used to you guys yet,
But I hope I live long enough to meet more.

So, on Thursday afternoons, I leave the apartment with my gym bag containing a change of clothes and shoes, my guitar, my bow, and my messenger bag. And as I trucked it down to the car this afternoon, struggling through doorways, and fit everything into the trunk (the Honda has a two-body trunk) I realized that if I added the sleeping bag and the climbing gear already in the trunk, and about ten pounds of food and four pounds of water, I would be as encumbered as the average AD&D Bard.

If I were strapping a sword and a main gauche, that is.

Medium encumbrance?

Is pretty damned encumbered.

I'm thinking about beginner mind a lot lately. I think I need to keep reminding myself that really, it's a more positive way of looking at the whole "I will never know nearly as much of this stuff as I want and need to know" part of art.
Tags: don't let ur babies grow up to be gamers, vogon poetry

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