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don't try to stop it. you'd best take shelter.

Yeah, so--guess who forgot she's supposed to be places Saturday, Sunday, and Monday? I seem to have a baby shower, an AD&D game, and a lunch date on Monday. So scratch that thing about holing up in my hole and trying to finish the novella before year's end. I am going to try to stick to quota, though, and get the requisite 1500 words a day.

I am scheduling today and Tuesday and next weekend as Introvert Days, though. Hello, overscheduled/overpeopled Bear.

Man, this apartment is a pit. Maybe I can get it cleaned somewhat tomorrow. I can tell it's not happening today, as I have the Weary.

232 more this afternoon, for a short transitional scene. And I'm not exactly sure what happens next. Except the Zombie Apocalypse and the Climactic Space Battle. It's possible I need to put it away for a little bit and let it cook until my brain fields an answer to "And how does this all end?" So on that note, I'm not going to stress it. I'm within striking distance of the end, and it can hang fire for a little while it cooks and other tasks get done.

Maybe I will try write about the minotaurs later, or try some longhand writing, or both, and see if that helps any. Right now, though, I have this other Dennis Lehane novel to finish reading. And some guitar to practice, maybe.

The year-end self-love roundup continues with two nods from the Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice nominee list (for Whiskey & Water and A Companion to Wolves, which are listed along with many stellar novels.)
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