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bear by san

March 2017



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sf sapphire and steel winning

If you keep saying that you mean to write a novel in 2008, it appears that there's a new round of novel_in_90 starting up January 1st. What is Nin90?

Here's the not-FAQ.

It's grown into a pretty excellent community of people with one guiding purpose: to write three goddamned pages a day, every day, any way they can.

I'm going to be playing along. I have a novella to finish, and two short stories, a second novella, and a novel to write. By Tax Day, more or less.

And unlike jaylake, I don't routinely write four thousand words a day. *g* grind, grind, grind.


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Four thousand? Four thousand?

Well, there go my delusions of adequacy again *g*
:: makes sausage ::
Can I join up in say Feb? I've got a novel to revise and a proposal to right before I get back to the WIP which has 145 pages to it.
Am I the boss of you? I am not the boss of you. You are the boss of you.
I need to do 1000+ words/day, every single frickin' day, to complete my current novel in time for the workshop I'm taking it to in April (which means: first draft done by 2/2 so I can get the last chapters critted on 2/23 and revise the whole thing for a 3/1 deadline). So I can be an enthusiastic participant for the month of January, then drop into revision mode (not so much with the new pages) for February and then, I dunno, short stories or something in March. Do you think this would be a good fit? Maybe I need someone to mock me during Revision Hell.
Hee. I just said to someone else, and I say to you:

Am I the boss of you? I am not the boss of you. You are the boss of you.
Okay, I'm in. I haven't done shit since August other than take stabs at editing.
I think I'll sign up for this round; the first one I did worked out very well for me. Might not manage to make wordcount until end of the week, but that's what Saturdays are for *g*.
Am I the boss of you? I am not the boss of you. You are the boss of you!!!

I'm in on this round -- I need to finish PHARAOH OF THE LONE STAR STATE anyway.


I had just decided that I could manage a thousand words a day and that three or four months wasn't too long a time to try to keep focused. Too much time is a problem. I've tried to do NaNo and 2700 words a day is too much and 50K is too little.

So this morning I was getting my mind around this new plan and figuring a system of rewards for sticking to my new plan.

And then I see this.

Very cool.

(I'm anonymous-J.Pascal or Julie (I don't remember) up in the introductions. Zhenu Truth is one of the main chars in a story I'm not working on atm.)
moral support is good.
Bah, I wasn't logged in. I'm new to this livejournal thing. This is me.

I'm so in! I need to write the sequel to my recently completed and half-revised YA contemporary fantasy novel. :)
oh,can I join conditionally? Like, on the condition that I don't chicken out before the day after tomorrow?
Am I the boss of you? I am not the boss of you. You are the boss of you.

(I can keep typing that ALL NIGHT!)
I'm in. I'm in the "midst" of revising an old 2004 novel, which needs an enormous amount of scene-adding (anyone ever type in brackets: "and this must go HERE"?
This sounds feasible. That is, if I can fit it in between episodes of the first two seasons of Criminal Minds. Which is all your fault, BTW.
And I am suitably abashed.


Novel in 90

Can any lurker in your LJ play? It's been too long since I finished anything long that wasn't nonfiction. Picking one and writing daily - great plan!

Re: Novel in 90

Anybody who wants to join the community can play.

I'm not in charge!
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