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bear by san

March 2017



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Right. Any questions?

This is a post for you all to ask questions/make comments about Dust, since I have been terribly remiss in my duties in terms of putting one up before.

Bad author! No biscuit!

So, what do you want to ask? Or know? Or comment on?

(You should probably expect comments to be, you know, spoilery.)


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Why is my copy of Dust not at the local Brick 'n Mortar yet?

*nevermind. They just called. :D :D
I haz Dust!

Just bought it, love the cover

My dad-in-law is visiting so I don't have time to start reading it yet. It lies on my dresser...taunting me. (Your books often behave badly but I love them anyway.)

They did a nice job on this book with art and blurbs and all the pretty publisher doo-dads that are supposed to make people buy books. I would have picked this one up even if I didn't know your work, and I would have purchased it based on the descriptions of the story on the cover.

Re: Just bought it, love the cover

I'm glad you like it.

That's actually the cover of mine I like least, but if it's effective in selling the book, it doesn't matter what I think.
My question has to do with the parentage of Perceval and Rien. I want to re-read to see what I missed, though, first. And I'm looking forward to other comments here also!
Okay, what's confusing about it? It should be, I hope, pretty evident.

Some spoilers within....

(Note--I'm a bit over halfway through, plus I'm one of those people who baffle others by reading the end first.)

How do you pronounce Rien? Ree-en, Rye-en, like the French word (eep!), or other?

I read Parzival like 30 years ago, read Robert Johnson's _He_ (the Parsifal story as an analog for men's Jungian development) not long after, and I looked it up in Wikipedia yesterday and note the Chretien de Troyes version spells it Perceval. Did you focus on any particular version writing it or just knightly quest tales? I'm guessing Tristen's (Arthurian) name is not coincidence.

I've also just grabbed Conrad Aiken's House of Dust from Project Gutenberg, and I can see some angel name research in my immediate future. This book has much after-reading potential.

I was entertained to see that Rien is learning guitar and math (or I think it was Rien, it was in passing)....Oh, and that the nobles are literally bluebloods.

So far, I'm having a blast. This thing *moves*.

Re: Some spoilers within....

Like the French word, more or less.

The Arthurian connections are not accidental at all, but Dust isn't a retelling. How's that? It plays to some of the same archetypes, however.

House of Dust is *awesome.* It has so much sweep and scope--

--and yeah, I pick up my character's hobbies. *g* Right now, I'm learning rock climbing for similar reasons, and the guy who's the reason I took up kickboxing gets his book out next October. ;-)

I am a very silly bear.
Not really a Dust question, but asking it in the spirit of hopefulness anyway...

Caitlin Conn, Tristen, and Gavin the basilisk.

Will there be more of them in Chill?

(You already know my squeefulness over Dust knows no bounds.)
Yes to all. Actually, two of the three are probably POV characters, unless the book develops in ways I don't expect.

Not actually necessary to answer this, btw

So I have a guess as to who Steve and Roger might be...am I right?

Re: Not actually necessary to answer this, btw

*looks extremely innocent*

Having finished it at an unholy hour this morning- How much longer do I have to wait for the next one???

I like Gavin a lot. The interplay between hir and Rien makes me giggle.

The story does barrel along like a barely-controlled train wreak, with that short-story DNA stamped all over it. It did take me a most of the way through Inkling's chamber to figure out what the "river" was and why they were having so many issues with it.

This is one of my slower-paced books...


I kept thinking as I was writing it, "There's no plot in this thing!"

I love Gavin too. He's a character I've been saving up since I was (literally) eight years old. *g*

There's a major spoiler here so be warned!

I enjoyed the hell out of it right up until the last few pages and then I'm all like, WTF?!?

Okay, I think it was established in a couple of places that reunited the angels without more (something or other which I find I cannot adequately name -- computing power/space/control?) isn't going to work. Okay, something has to be added to the mix to get them to all work together and make the ship functional. Okay? But the consciousness of a 16 year old girl? Particularly a 16 year old girl with that background, or lack thereof? Okay, she's also got the consciousness of Hero Ng to add to the mix. Okay, but I still am having a *really* hard time believing it. And it seemed very sudden and abrupt -- maybe I need to re-read the last chapter.

And anyway, what the hell happened to her body?


Re: There's a major spoiler here so be warned!

You misread what happened, I think.
First, this book is all sparkly, and I loved it, and want the next one desperately.

Second, I have a nitpicky, confused, SPOILERy question.

Way at the beginning, Percival strongly implies that if Rien were genetically a mean, the exalt process would kill her. Then way at the end, Caitlin talks very casually about exalting all the means so they'll survive the acceleration. Did I miss something? Or was Percival just wrong?
Isn't that an interesting question?

Historically speaking, there's often been a lot of stuff and bother about persons of noble descent somehow being different--of purer or more aristocratic bloodlines--than commoners. Of course, no such thing is true.

What's going on there is that Perceval is using Rien's superstition to bully her into making the choice Perceval needs her to make, right then. Perceval can be a bit high-handed sometimes.

In fairness, it *is* a matter of life or death.
No real questions, except why do you keep writing books that I can't put down and don't last long enough?

There was a moment in the middle where I wasn't sure which angel to sympathetic with, and then I remember that it was an eBear book, so it was perfectly ok for me to not like any of them. :)
Hee. Thank you!

Yeah, they're all pretty much assholes. They're angels, you know. They come that way.
I will get back to you on this one as soon as Dymocks provides me with the copy I ordered...

(Just so you know: when I asked one of their staff members if it was in yet, he went and looked it up, because he hadn't heard of it before...and he read the blurb in the online catalogue, and looked at me, and said, 'Hmm. I think I'm going to order one for you and one for the shop...'

Think you may have got another potential reader there).

Thank you!
Late to the party again, but I have to say, I'm utterly, terribly and painfully in booklove here. The SQUEE!s started around the middle-sixties of pages and continued to, oh, around about just after the mad dash against odds and clock where Inkling lives, when they turned into Ooooh!s instead. And the occasional 'aha!'. I don't often read a book that makes me want to hug the author in glee, but this was one. Thank you. Just - do we really have to wait /that/ long for Chill??
I have to write it!

They take longer to write than read.
As I squeak cheerfully to myself at the thought of more Caitlin, is there also going to be more Arianrhod in the next one? I find myself not liking her at all, but really wondering what makes her tick.
mmmaaaayyyyyybe. *g*

Thank you.

Dust is beautiful and painful and soothing and thrilling. And everything else I'd hoped. And more.

I just had a rather bad week, but your book gave me a fascinating place to retreat to, and that made it all bearable. (But even if the week had been wonderful, I still would have slipped away at every opportunity to read.)

And I thank your parents, and I thank their parents, and I thank everyone who had any part in your existence, and any influence in bringing you to this point where you write such amazing books.

Mostly, of course, I thank you for writing.

Thank you for reading.
Oh, and also, because you know, you're kind and let me ask you questions, in addition to my one above... =)

So Cynric Conn? Is that Gavin? Because I walked away with the impression that it really, really was.
That question is answered in the book. *g*
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