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bear by san

March 2017



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writing genocide

post scriptum: discipline

So, that's a sort of a draft done. Whereby, when I say draft, I mean steaming heap of crap with bits of worms and ends of things poking out. But it's done enough that I won't lose anything by putting it away while I work on this other stuff that has tighter deadlines. Or, you know, about as done as "King Pole, Gallows Pole, Bottle Tree," was when I declared that a draft. It is a Bad Draft. I would not show it to an editor, or even another writer who was not a close personal friend and already well-acquainted with how I work.

Which means that tomorrow, I start work on the two short stories I need to write, "Your Collar" and "Smile." And when those are done, I have a novella and a novel, both due. I'm not yet sure what order I mean to tackle those in--I may go after the novel first, just to get it done, because novellas are a lot less scary.

My watchword for the first half 2008 is discipline. I need to average a thousand words a day, and fifteen hundred would be better. And that has to have wiggle room built into it for CEMs, page proofs, and having a life. Though there may need to be some flexibility on the life front, though, it looks like.

After that, I can probably fall over. A little. Though there's still One-Eyed Jack & the Suicide King and By the Mountain Bound and The Sea thy Mistress to revise. And I am sure Chill will need revising too, once it's done.

Well, if it were easy, it would not be fun. Right?


Problems worthy
Of attack
Prove their worth by
Hitting back.

-- Piet Hein
Is it just me, or is it sometimes ten times harder to create that initial steaming crappile of worms than it is to take a crap pile and turn it into something pretty?
For me, revision sucks too. *g*
There are a lot of us out here cheering you on from the sidelines. I have finally managed to buy 'Undertow' and 'Dust' and am halfway through 'Undertow.' Your ranids are wonderful. I can't forget that they're alien; yet I can relate to them.

There's something peculiarly special about reading a book whose gestation one has followed in an author's blog. And - yes! - this book is easily as good as I'd hoped. Thank you!

Wishing you an excellent 2008 - Maggie
I am really glad you like the froggies. They are about my favorite aliens, I think, although the ones in Carnival were just as much fun to write.

I <3 writing aliens. And nonhumans of all sorts.
just sneaking in to say happy new years!
coo, good work, guvnah!

New Year's Wishes of the very best...
Hee. A draft this bad, you don't want congratulations.

But thank you.