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bear by san

March 2017



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begin as you mean to go on

It's snowing!


*snow envy*

but dry and clear skies here, so not so bad.
It's...um... clouding!
In Edinburgh, a monstrous haar has boiled up from the Firth, and is cloaking the higher rooftops in a dense mist as darkness descends across the slippery, dank, cobblestoned streets.

(Hey, I'm just describing what's visible outside my study window, y'know?)

The weather's unusually mild tonight, but from late Wednesday on, a blast of cold is due to come roaring in from Siberia, and the daytime high temperature is due to drop to freezing; some forecasts are predicting the coldest cold snap since 1987. Snow is a possibility by the weekend.
That's a really good word, and I did not know it before.

Remember it's scots rather than english. I suspect there's a more familiar word for it in the Bay Area ...

NB: see also "dreicht". Scots is full of evocative words for different types of unpleasantly-but-not-fatally bad weather ...
Seconded. Plus it introduced me to "advection".
We were up on the Crags at midnight last night to watch the fireworks, and from there you could see the haar lying about in patches lower down. Very atmospheric.
It was covering the castle when we first went up, but fortunately it cleared from there by midnight.
So it is.
Feh. It better be snowing. I missed a friend's New Year's party because it was supposed to snow and all I've seen was a few flakes this morning. *lives down near Danbury*
Here's wishing you a Happy New Year. I hope 2008 treats you well.
It made the drive down to WestConn more exciting than planned, I'll tell you that.