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Viable Paradise for 2008 is accepting applications now through June 30th. This would be your chance to come take a week-long intensive workshop on lovely Martha's Vinyard (where I will probably get sunburned again this year, due to a catasptrophic lack of melanin) from shiny! exciting! writers and editors like:

Patrick and Teresa Nielsen Hayden
James Macdonald
Debra Doyle
Laura Mixon
Steven Gould
and John Scalzi.

John and I differ from all these other people in that neither of us is married to another instructor. Or ever likely to be.

Likely unadvertised features of VP this year include: Jellyfish! Midnight readings of The Unstrung Harp! Long walks on short piers! A metric ass-ton of lasagna! Liquor! Ferry rides!

Likely advertised features include: intensive critiquing workshop! Tons of writerly advice! Homework! And a chance to bond with classmates who may form the core of a future writerly community/peer group.
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