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amok! amok!

3128 words on "Your Collar" today, working solid since 8 am this morning, bringing it to a completed draft. There may be a better ending out there in the universe somewhere, but if so, it has not yet made itself known to me. And, for a wonder, there are sentences in this I absolutely love.

This means I get to goof off for the rest of the night. Yay!

This was one of the ones where the beginning is pulling teeth, and then once it starts to come together, it comes. Sort of the opposite of Bone & Jewel Creatures, which is still a dog's breakfast.

Jessica just emailed to let me know that the CEM for Ink & Steel and the page proofs for the MMPB of Blood & Iron are on their way, and due back mid-month. Because I do not have enough deadlines! Woo! I love MY JOB!

Tomorrow, I need to start "Smile." Which is the industrial theatre ghost story. Maybe. If it works out that way.  But right now, I am making food and watching DVDs, and maybe practicing my finger-picking, because I do not have the energy to read.


In other news, I just mailed back contracts for "Tideline" to be reprinted in Gardner Dozois' Year's Best Science Fiction 25, which is a nice treat.
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