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*sigh. crack*

Boy is home. Boy's computer appears to have shit the bed. Attempting to fix.

Word count: 3400 Act III, scenes i-iii, complete. Some of this was previously written.
Reason for stopping: That's it. I'm done.


For those of you playing along at home, the trick is writing for the groundlings and the gallery simultaneously, by the way. Shakespeare does this. Dickens, too. Also, Neil Gaiman.

If I can figure that out, I have this licked.


Faustus: Was not that Lucifer an Angell once?

Mephostophilis: Yes Faustus, and most deerely lou'd of God.

Faustus: How comes it then that he is Prince of Deuils?

Mephostophilis: O by aspiring pride and insolence,
For which God threw him from the face of heauen.

--Christopher Marlowe, Faustus, Act I Scene iii
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