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so you want to be a writer?

The most recent versions are kind of reassuring. The cleanup-batting is actually working: my list of partially written short stories is shrinking, bit by bit. Some of them, admittedly, have been sitting on my hard drive for four or five years. But they are getting mopped up.

(Unfinished work drives me nuts. Some writers like writing. I like having written. And finished. And started something else. So of course I have a job where, to put a point on it, if I ever get caught up, it will mean I am about to starve.)

My to-do list for 2008:

Page proofs for the MMPB of Blood & Iron
CEM for Ink & Steel
(Other revisions, page proofs, and CEMs on an as-needed basis, but at least: Chill, All the Windwracked Stars, Hell & Earth)

Write "Smile"
Write Wehrwolf, and find it a decent title
Write Chill.
Write the Boojumverse story with truepenny
Write "Smoke and Mirrors"
Write "Wind-Up Boogeyman"
Write this thing a friend asked me for which I still may not get done.

Rewrite The Sea thy Mistress, though that may get pushed back to 2009.

Revise By the Mountain Bound
Revise One-Eyed Jack and the Suicide King (I hope.)
Revise "Overkill"
Revise "Your Collar"
Revise Bone & Jewel Creatures.

Wanna be scared now? That's a light year: I only have one new novel to write.

To-do list for 2009:

(Page proofs and CEMs on an as-needed basis, but at least: Grail, By the Mountain Bound, hopefully a Promethean Age MMPB and a fifth PA novel)

Write Grail
Write Patience & Fortitude
secrit projekt, ongoing

Rewrite The Sea thy Mistress if I don't get it done in 2008.

I have *got* to get better about saying no.
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