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bear by san

March 2017



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rengeek fucking silence

everything melts, i know, even your tears

It would really help me to write this story if I knew what it was about. Other than the ghost of an obscure actor haunting a cheap hotel.

Maybe I should go make blueberry yogurt muffins while I think about it.

Maybe I should read up on industrial musicals.

Maybe I should pet the cat.

(The cat says, MONKEY! PET THE CAT!)


Petting the cat, always a good choice.

Industrial musicals?
I've had blueberry yogurt before, as well as a blueberry muffin. Never a mix of the two. Sounds interesting!
Pet the cat, human!
Silly monkey. How could you think of anything before petting the cat? Unless it's feeding the cat.
I think the cat needs a bath.
Nonono, that's a *waxing*, not a bath. :P
Industrial musicals! My housemates and I discovered them a few months ago, and have been singing "The Bathrooms Are Coming" since.

Since nobody *else* offered story ideas... ;-)

Hmmm. He was shot dead in the bar next door by a jealous husband who thought his wife was cheating on him with the obscure actor, but really she was cheating on him with the actor's female fraternal twin who frequently dressed in drag to go out to bars and cheap hotels with lonely housewives, and looked almost exactly like her brother except for a small mole just behind her left ear which was shaped like the state of Rhode Island. The ghost relocated to the cheap hotel when the bar burned down some years later in a fire set by a disgruntled employee who was upset that the bar owner changed suppliers because he was getting kickbacks from the previous supplier. The disgruntled employee was the brother-in-law of the supervisor of the second cousin of the man who shot the actor. He had a nagging cough due to spending too much time in smoky bars and was allergic to cheese.

Re: Since nobody *else* offered story ideas... ;-)

Well, that's because I wasn't asking for story ideas. ;-)
Do you have a good recipe for blueberry yoghurt muffins? They sound fab!


I use whole milk yogurt instead of sourcream, and I use vanilla sugar instead of regular sugar, and leave out the vanilla extract. Also, a grate or two of fresh nutmeg.

Mmm. Good.
I thought "pet the cat" was always the answer. Looks like I'll be having a conversation with Miss Daisycat…