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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

via trollcatz: F.B.I. still looking for D.B. Cooper.

Here's an NPR story on the same topic.

You know, the thing that impresses me most about the Bureau's web page is that it not only has a sense of humor, it's got narrative tension and a through-line. It's well-written.

I now have two pieces of evidence suggesting that F.B.I. agents can write.

This should not trouble me as deeply as it does.

In a vaguely related note, stillsostrange reports more progress on the secrit projekt: Reyes, version 3.

Holy *cow*, that's awesome.


I heard this story, and smiled to myself when what's-his-face said he'd gotten letters and email begging him not to solve the mystery.

The romantic me agrees. The not-so-much romantic me thinks that it must be a lot like solving a BIG jigsaw puzzle - just trying to find those last few pieces.

I wonder what Special Agent Carr thinks of all this...
Is he not made of awesome?

I can see why he gets the girls...
Until I clicked on the link, I thought that this was a Twin Peaks related story and that the FBI were playing along with the hunt for Special Agent Dale Cooper, last seen engaged in a futile attempt to escape from the Black Lodge . . . .

Now I wonder if Dale Cooper is named after D.B. Cooper.
Could be. According to wikipedia, it was Dale Bartholemew Cooper . . .

*drifts off into happy Twin Peaks memories*

Wouldn't that be a crossover? Dale Cooper meets Aaron Hotchner after calling in the BAU . . .
At least they haven't gotten desperate enough to arrest D. B. Sweeney and claim it a mixup.
And all this time I thought the FBI had no sense of humor of which it was aware.
Apparently, in the post-Hoover era, they are developing one.

maybe it grows back.
I will swear on a stack of thrillers that the FBI agents who can write are ardently aspiring novelists and screenwriters. Similarly, I'm pretty sure there's an ex-Congressional staffer (the one who wrote the 9/11 Commission Report) who will be getting a contract toot sweet.

So, in a way, it's a good thing that many writers can't make ends meet without a day job; that way, all the business reports and meeting minutes we have to read all the time are sometimes bearable.
Well, an award-winning episode of Criminal Minds is credited to the pen of their FBI consultant.


Well, you do have to have a four-year degree. And many/most? of them have some postgrad...
It IS well written. My guess is some journalism majors joined up.
I now have two pieces of evidence suggesting that F.B.I. agents can write.

One day, we might all get to play "spot the Fed' with an issue of Asimov's.
One of the reasons that they can write (and maybe have a sense of humor)is that a good deal of them graduate from Fordham. The old joke was the FBI guys went to Fordham and the CIA guys went to either Georgetown or Catholic U...

--claire (who went to school with a bunch o the fellas at Fordham...)
Okay, stupid question of the day: What do you mean by through-line? (Suspect I already know, but I'm curious to know your answer.)
The thing that draws you through the narrative.
when I was first seeing the sekrit project art I was like hmm hmm-hmm until now: awesome use of highlighting and shading from stillsostrange. Now, now I want more arts!
I know a bunch of Fibbies, and they are, to a person, laid-back, funny, and possessed of an awesome level of appreciation-of-irony and black humor. (They also tend towards the Supernatural or NCIS fandoms. *g*)

Makes me feel a little bit better every time I hear the (unclassified bits of) stories of various office antics, let me tell you.
I'll admit, sadly, that the only reason I know who D. B. Cooper is is Journeyman.
If it makes you feel any better, the only reason that I know is NewsRadio.

-Andy H.
But everyone knows that D.B. Cooper is actually Jimmy James.

Sorry, just had a News Radio moment.