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and conveniently....

As I'm sitting here thinking, gee, this story just isn't quite ripe yet, and writing exactly one (1) sentence of it, a package arrives containing the CEM of Ink & Steel and the page proofs for the MMPB of Blood & Iron. So I have Important Work on a Deadline to do that isn't New Writing, and I get a reprieve.

The story has that feeling in my head that tells me it's filling up its gastank and revving its engine, so I expect it'll take off fairly soon. It's got some kind of thematic development going on, I think. And in the meantime, I can do this stuff I need to do.

Isn't that nice of the universe?

I wait here with a big potroast dreaming of how dinner should be
But he'll grab a sandwich late again, so I've a dried-out roast for company.

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