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i think they're gonna make you start over. you don't wanna start over.

Man. Page proofs. Absolutely the worst part of this writing gig. The part where you have to carefully reread every word you wrote, and not fuss with them. Even when they're awkward, awful. Demonstrably bad. Your inner Jack Nicholson pounds around in circles in your head, swearing and shuddering, decrying your overuse of the word snagged and your repetitive and/or awkward sentence structure. He waves his hands in the air and bellows things like "Will this character ever stop displaying her teeth?" and "Do you realize you used the word "welled" six times in this paragraph?" and "What made you think you were a writer, anyway?" and "Page proofs? YOU CAN'T HANDLE PAGE PROOFS!"

You don't even think about the plot structure at this point, or character arc, or narrative development, Because it's too late! The relationship is over! It's like going through your wedding album after the divorce! All you can do is pick the scabs and think, "If only I had known then what I know now--"

Occasionally, though, you find a sentence or a phrase you don't hate.

So far, I have found two:

"immoral as glaciers, righteous as stones." and "A raven with a crooked wing perched upon an eave, smiling as well as could be expected."

Those can stay.

The rest of the book, I'm not so sure about, right now.

In other news, exists to provide the definitive proof that most people cannot handle a close reading to save their lives.

And she's got red lipstick and a bright pair of shoes.
She's got kneehigh socks for to cover a bruise.

Tags: pointless bitching, promethean age
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