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better call the waaaaaaaambulance.

God, there's nothing like a page proof to make a CEM seem like fun.

And I lucked out this time, with a smart CE who knows the time period and asks good questions.

Man, I am very very very post-novel ennui. Brain scraped and stupid with it, which would be why we are not writing currently. But then I have a CEM, so at least there is work to be done.

Essentially, what happens is that the writing process is exhaustive. It's as if the well of creativity has a certain rate of artesian flow, and once the spring is pumped out, the only thing you can do is wait for it to trickle in again.

Which, since I have two books and a short story to write in the next few months, could happen a little faster now?

Must recharge brain. Argh. Where's the wall socket?

The good news is, the second half of this year should be pretty easy. And if I keep telling myself that, I'm good.

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