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Did you read something published in 2007 that you would like to see considered for the Tiptree award? You can suggest it here.

pnh on presidential politics.

He's hired.

(And I think I am just about to become a single-issue voter on health care, which pretty much puts me in the Obama camp. (And a political commentator on Connecticut Public Radio just said, re "the race issue," "Well, apparently Al Gore was too black to win Tennessee." Which just filled me with love.))

I have reached page 408 of the CEM, which is the top of Act III of The Stratford Man. (Book one, Ink & Steel, is Acts I-III. Book two, Hell & Earth, is Acts IV-V.) That means I get to go shower, dress, and eat something. And then back to work! (The cat is still very jealous of the CEM.)

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