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bear by san

March 2017



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sf doctor FANtastic!

And so it begins.

You've been very patient boys and girls. And I've been yanking your chain over this for the last six months, and I'm sorry. Keeping it to myself has been very nearly unbearable.

But now, I have something to tell you.

The secrit projekt is secrit no longer:

May I introduce--

Shadow Unit.

The brainchild of the amazing coffeeem, Shadow Unit is, more or less, the website for a serial drama in internet form. Or possibly it's a fan site for a TV show that doesn't exist.

Over the next couple of months, the site will be updated on a weekly or biweekly basis with new information, vignettes, character sketches, character bios, a community message board, and other exciting things.

And starting in mid-February, there will be a series of novellas and novellettes, and one complete novel. Approximately one story every two weeks for sixteen weeks (though we are still tweaking the schedule), comprising the first season (of hopefully many) of a television show that doesn't exist.

Some of the content will be free. Some will be by subscription. (Subscriptions will be extremely reasonable.) There will be DVD extras, deleted scenes, background information, character-based digressions, and I dunno what all else.

The staff writers (as of today) are Emma Bull, Will Shetterly, Sarah Monette, and myself. The Brilliant Web Ghoul and Fabulous Artist is Amanda Downum. The Technical Supergeek is Stephen Shipman.

I am so geeked I can hardly stand it. Setting this up has been exhausting, exciting, and downright mad. It's a work in progress: it's rough, ready, and under construction. You're in at the ground floor.

We sincerely hope you have nearly as much fun playing in this world as we have in creating it.


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I am glad these are not my servers.


And thank you. Pimping is, of course, encouraged. This is all about word of mouth.
So far I see X-Files, Criminal Minds and Torchwood. And an exciting bunch of writers!

I, too, am heartily geeked. Looking forward to more.
Oh, it's much, much more than pastiche. *g*

We hope, at least.
I like the lead in. And the page is beautiful.
Amanda's web design is gorgeous and functional. She also did my home website.
Just so you know, I just determined that squealing fan girl noises make my cats vanish at light speed.

I don't think teleportation was involved.

Excellent. That's what we like.

*Wow*. Rock on, the set of you.
All Emma's genius, with a generous and extreme assist from Will. Seriously.

I'm like the biggest fangirl around. *g*
Yay! What fun! (-:
Glad you think so!
Are we meeting Mom and Dad?

>> We sincerely hope you have nearly as much fun playing in this world as we have in creating it.

The fun definitely shines through.
Dude. Mom and Dad. Who *else* could it be?

I love it!

That? Is totally what we like to hear.
This is /so/ damn cool. *bookmarks*

(The friend on whose couch I am crashing says, when presented with the site: 'That's kind of. Vigilante fandom, y'know?')
Ehe! Yes, you know? It kind of is.
This is SO cool.
Excellent. *g*

Idea space!

I'm excited!

And weirded out. I only just finished a four-part blog post series about building up to working serial fiction.

I can't wait for more Shadow Unit stuff to show up. I'll be studying it closely!

Re: Idea space!

We hope not to disappoint!
Now I'm really intrigued... page bookmarked.
There will be mentions of updates here, I'm sure. *g*
"Or possibly it's a fan site for a TV show that doesn't exist." I wish I'd thought of that first!

On the Usenet group soc.history.what-if (devoted to alternate history), someone has done reviews of "West Wing" as it appears in an alternate world. He has harsh things to say about the improbable plots -- all of which are taken from recent events in our world.

I look forward to seeing more of "Shadow Unit." And I'll be spreading the word.

Is it mentioned on the Fourth Street Fantasy website yet?
It's not mentioned anywhere yet. This be it. *g* The beta-launch, as it were.

And thank you for the word spreading. It's very appreciated.
How cool!!!
Glad you think so!
I’m interested. The WTF windbreaker made me laugh out loud.

Fortean nitpick: on Stephen Reyes’ page, was HAARP intended?

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