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Okay, definitely in That State. Which is to say, I have the itch to write, and the deadline loometh. But none of this stuff is ripe yet. So I walk around like a pregnant cow, lowing plaintively, searching for something I'm sure is just around here somewhere except I don't know what it is.

I will, however, know it when I see it.

Current plan may be some recharge time: climbing tonight, then a new episode of Criminal Minds (the second to the last one). Tomorrow, maybe gym and archery. And Friday there's a John Gorka concert at the Iron Horse, and Saturday... nothing. Somewhere in there, my brain will generate some story out of sheer self-preservation, I'm sure of it.

One of the hardest things for me as a writer is knowing when I need some fallow time. And being willing to take it, even when there's a naggy voice in the back of my head saying butbutbutbutbutbut you have a book due April 15.

Well, technically June 1, because I asked for an extension. But it would be nice to finish by April 15 anyway. You know? (And a novella due also, sometime in the first half of the year. Oh, and a couple of short stories.)

Here's the thing, though. I can try to push through, and it will be blood and swearing and guts on the floor. Or I can sit back, relax, and let my brain have the down time to stop pacing like that expectant cow-mommy, and the book may slide into existence easily and with maximum fun. And wouldn't that be nice?

Because I don't get health insurance or a pension plan. So I might as well get fun.

463 words on a Shadow Unit DVD extra last night, and that means I can stop fussing with that stuff for a while except for the part where I have to polish it before it can be posted, and eventually revise "Overkill" for web-pub.

Oh, and today I need to pay bills. Like really, no kidding. I wonder where I hid all my envelopes.

Maybe I should just go buy some.

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