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do you want to be happy, or do you want to be right?

Link Salad, completely random edition

First Draft on watching Obama. If you're interested in American politics, or the freight of history on Sen. Obama, or the history of civil rights in America... this is a must-read. Also, if you like good personal essays.

"My name is Mike Wilson, and today I'm going to teach you how to be a serial killer." Trailer for How to be a Serial Killer, a forthcoming film featuring Matthew Gray Gubler, usually mentioned around here as one of the regular cast members of Criminal Minds. (Scruffy young man in the icon over there.) In which it is proved that somebody's sense of irony is intact. Possibly several somebodies'. (Do not watch if you are not the sort of person that appreciates violent satire/slapstick sendups of horror film tropes. Or somewhat dismembered bodies. No, really. Don't. And if you do, please don't come back and complain to me that it's gross and not very funny.)

Rosefox on reviewing and editing for Publishers Weekly.

And I swear there was something else, but damned if I remember.

Looks to be a day of completely pointless content, as I have the geekup for yesterday's CM to do, and an installment of--you guessed it--Cat v. Monkey.
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