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bear by san

March 2017



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muppetology need bears fozzie & kermit

i'm a brown fox. i'm a town fox. and i'm far more cunning than you.

Oh look. A little more Shadow Unit.

The schedule is looking like Thursday night/Friday morning and Sunday night/Monday morning, at this point. For your, you know. Maximum goofing-off-at-work value.

Go, have fun.


Are we having fun yet?
You are indeed extremely cunning (and I love that recording of that song).

But Todd's dates don't work. Four semesters (two years) of college, dropped out for a while, drafted 1973, so he'd have been released 1975, which isn't compatible with graduating in 1975.

Also what old-fashioned doorless bubble-headed helicopter has more than 2 seats? I'm not an expert, but none of the ones I know do.
Depends on how many credits you're taking a semester, doesn't it?

The Bell 47 is a three seater. There are probably others.
I found this via one of my flist. Friended you so I can follow along. I'm intrigued and fascinated so far!

There's also an RSS feed and a livejournal syndication thereof, if you prefer.
*... girlcrushes liek whoa*
On Wonder Woman? Or on somebody else?
Must. Draft. Brief.

I spent all evening with e-music. I cannot spend all night with Shadow Unit. I'm behind.

But I'm definitely feeling zombiefied, so there's that.
Hmmm. Zombies...

Nah. *g*

Ah, the plot coagulates and gammas are possessor entities. I wonder what lambdas do ... wait. Are there going to be Thetan Bodies involved at some point? Because casting Tom Cruise could get you sued.

Tom Cruise should not exist in any universe I'm writing in.
I don't know Duke, because he's fictional.

But I sure as hell feel like I know guys who know him, if that makes any sense.

(And I fall squarely in the age group that would know Duke or guys like him, having finished high school in 1973.)
Heh. Yeah. Duke is... kinda representative on an entire category of people.

The ones whose lives always seem to be about to ricochet off another ball, make some kind of crazy bank shot, and bang into the corner pocket. Except! But wait! There's more!

I think he may be Will's favorite, for just that reason. *g*
When this thing winds up - or winds around or something - someday will y'all tell us more about how the whole project got generated? Because while I am totally enjoying this stuff, it's making me want to grab the not-fully-formed Writers In Hot Tubs writing group and do something like this myself. I've missed seriously collaborative fiction.

Also, I have a lot of boring stuff and waiting on my list of What Needs Doing, so of course I'm on a vast creative jag which I do not have time/resources for. Anything but bills and medical forms! And of all the creative pursuits, writing makes surprisingly little mess. At least compared to crafts/sewing/art. But "real" writing - well, it's sitting on the backburner occasionally making notes and having to look up some biochem and things like that, but right now I just wanna get some character juices going and give my brain a mental fidget toy so it will shut the heck up while I do the boring crap.
I hope you are remembering to check all documents for anomalous content, by the way.

Did you find the secret clubhouse yet?

Basically, Emma and Will did a lot of driving. And between them, came up with the idea of, wouldn't it be fun to have a TV show without all of that boring stuff like networks and actors and production costs and advertisers and "hitting the demo"? But, you know, all the fun of the writer's room, people hashing out plots in tandem, brainstorming the coolest stuff possible, and then going off to their corners to write episodes.

And if we were going to have a TV show, what kind of TV show would we ideally want to have? Well, something with a spec element, and a character-driven element, and--

and it just so happens that we're all fond of the same sorts of TV shows: The Man from UNCLE, Criminal Minds, The X Files, etc. You know, the stuff that can be loosely categorized as "elite team of unrealistically smart, funny, and sexy people with heavy personal drama saving the world from the worst monsters imaginable."

Emma came up with a preliminary list of character archetypes and much of the worldbuilding. They approached me, I approached Sarah, Sarah and I went, "Wait, we could add these other people, and we can hack these existing archetypes around these other ways that they couldn't, you know, get away with on network TV...."

Somebody came up with the idea of message boards and multimedia content and hypernarrative and metanarrative. Emma's original pitch was the "fanfiction for a show that doesn't exist" line, IIRC.

And we've spent the last half year or so working on it in secret, scribbling and passing notes and having knock-down drag-outs. *g*

Hey, this reminds me - if you guys happen to find yourselves in need of any maps, your friendly local geographers may be able to find room for some more procrastination in their lives!
Hey, you know, it's not outside the realm of possibility...

Ooo. Interactive flash-enabled maps...
You guys?

Are some kind of amazing.
We thank you.
Um, I though we got the majority of our ground troops out of South Vietnam in time to comply with the 60-day deadline in the Paris Peace Accords, which were signed in January of '73, and that the actual last draft call was in December 1972 (I was 14 at the time--we paid attention to that law, especially the guys I was in school with) and the authority to draft ended in July 1973. Student deferments were greatly reduced after a while, and by Duke's time, it looks as if they just let you finish your semester and then you were theirs, like it or not. /annoying nitpickery

Note that I am using the phrases "majority of our ground troops" and "South Vietnam", rather than "every last member of our military forces except the marine guards and the military attaché at the embassy" and "Southeast Asia". So I can, you know, be persuaded he was doing something there, even if it wasn't exactly what had been happening with US forces in South Vietnam in '65-'72.

However, in support, IIRC, quite a few schools held your credits if you ended up taking time out for military service (which is reasonable, given the way the draft law was supposed to work under the lottery), so if Duke's "dropped-out" period didn't last all that long before the draft board found him, those old credits might well have carried over.

But I think he got drafted and started his service in 1972. It's possible his records were altered for, um, "reasons of security" which he is still not at liberty to discuss, thankyouverymuch. Because that sort of thing happened.
Oh, he was in the quartermasters corps. Drove a desk.

He has many fine and amusing stories about it.

Any inconsistencies in Todd's backstory are strictly the product of your imagination.