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bear by san

March 2017



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lion in winter broken because you're bri


With lightning.



Was it cold enough to make it a thunderSNOWstorm?

We were walloped down here in GA. Ouch!
No, it's 37 degrees.

We're supposed to eventually get your old weather.

Which I think means you're getting Cuba's old weather. :-P
Cuba, mixed with some Pacific Northwest and a little Oklahoma.

Not sure if I like the combination. ;) On my way home now to see if the house is still standing!
Very very frightening?
It was here a couple of days ago.

Batshit insane, this weather we're having, eh?
it's a bit odd, yeah.
Here in Chicago near the beginning of the week, we got what looked for all the world like an end-of-summer "The front's coming in, put up your shutters!!" thunderstorm.

In January.

It was 65 degrees out.

For two days.

Batshit insane, yes ...


Seriously. I'm right there with you. We had the same weather (I'm in Ann Arbor). On the first I was shoveling a foot of snow out of the drive and walks all day long, and then on the seventh and eighth I had the doors and windows open all over the house to air out the creeping crud. Supposedly it's going to snow again tomorrow!

Hey! You're from Chicago. Would you mind if I sent you an email asking you some questions? I'm considering packing up my life and my thirteen year old and moving there.
almeda, that was me. Apparently replying from my email while on my work computer does not automatically log me in like I'm used to.
I am likewise a recent emigre to Chicago (going on four years now) and happy to answer questions.
No problem. almeda@lj is a working address; feel free. And ashnistrike is also friendly and helpful, I know where she lives. :->
Here, too! It settled down long enough for me to get my laundry inside and then woke up again when I was walking to work so I could enjoy it. Thoughtful storm.
Aww, how nice.

It had better not turn to ice. I'm driving to Northampton tonight.
We had a tornado watch most of yesterday.
Did not want.
Do not blame.
We had it a few evenings ago and Puppy was just flabbergasted. He kept saying, "It's the seventh of January!!! There's a tornado watch!!! What's going on???"

He has been a weather geek since he was five and plans to be a meteorologist that studies severe weather if he can't be either a rock star or a professional hockey player. We're used to the one-week thaw we usually get in Feb., you know, when it goes up to like 45 and everyone thinks it's summer. Sixties in January, we do not understand...
That anonymous weather comment you just got was me. Oops and all.
You can has unscreened.
Bah. We had tornadoes earlier in the week. I see your anomaly and raise you an apocalypse.
I realize it's anomalous weather, but I'm still jealous. Coastal SoCal is not so much having with the thunderstorms.
We got that here at about 2 a.m. Must have been heading north.
Y'know, I thought I heard thunder very early this morning, but then my brain said "it's January, that can't be possible" and let me go back to sleep. :}

It seems like for the past 5 years, we've had very weird weather around this time. Very odd cycle we're in.
I see your thunderstorm and raise you a tornado ;)

Out here we get an annual tornado, but they're usually in Eastern Oregon which is high plains/desert, and the only people who know about it are the folks in the weather centers.

Here's your moment of OT oddness, one of the friends I've made here in Eugene went to college here. Most of her roommates were from Japan, and all were surprised at how rainy and tree filled Oregon is.
It seems that a lot of Japanese production companies do filming in Eastern Oregon, so most Japanese people assume Oregon is all scrub and desert and are shocked at how green the Willamette valley is.

This random comment brought to you by the letter "T".
very very frightening
mama mia mama mia mama mia Figaro!