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Closing tabs...

Okay. Fantasy Book Critic's Writers-on-2007-books feature is back up, and for keeps this time.

wtf_nature links a youtube video demonstrating time-lapse photography of a decomposing baby pig. (I think that's via rosefox, but I may have it wrong.) Fair warning, some people may find this more gross than fascinating, but if you are a crime writer or have any interest in forensic pathology or forensic entomology, it's a win.

A Companion to Wolves is nominated for a Lambda Award in the SF/F/H category, along with Many Fine Books:

Water Witch, Nene Adams (P.D. Publishing)
Q-FAQ, Tom Bacchus (Haworth)
Face of the Enemy, Sandra Barrett (Regal Crest Enterprises)
Blood Desires, Laura Baumbach (MLR Press)
So Fey: Queer Fairy Fiction, Steve Berman (Haworth)
Vintage: A Ghost Story, Steve Berman (Haworth)
Carnal Sacraments, Perry Brass (Belhue Press)
Rebel's Quest, Gunn Brooke (Bold Strokes Books)
A Nice Girl Like You, Tyree Campbell (Bedazzled Ink)
Orphan's Quest, Pat Nelson Childs (Glynworks Publishing)
The Very Bloody Marys, M. Christian (Haworth)
Queens of Tristaine, Cate Culpepper (Bold Strokes Books)
The Forgotten Ones, Douglas Ferguson (Reverse Rapture Books)
Dynasty of Rogues, Jane Fletcher (Bold Strokes Books)
Sister's Flight, Jeanne G'Fellers (Bella Books)
Wicked Gentlemen, Ginn Hale (Blind Eye Books)
Water Logic, Laurie Marks (Small Beer Press)
A Companion to Wolves, Sarah Monette and Elizabeth Bear (Tor Books)
World Without Winter, Steve Pierce (P.D. Publishing)
In the Blood, Rick R. Reed (Regal Crest Enterprises)
Banshee's Honor, Shaylynn Rose (P.D. Publishing)
Spaceman Blues: A Love Song, Brian Francis Slattery (Tor Books)
The Danger Dance, Caro Soles (Haworth)
Away from the Dawn, Kate Sweeney (Intaglio Publications)
The Dust of Wonderland, Lee Thomas (Alyson Books)
Ha'penny, Jo Walton (Tor Books)
Every Dark Desire, Fiona Zedde (Kensington)

And I am informed that an unofficial, unauthorized  Yahoo Group has sprung up for discussion of Shadow Unit. Having passed along the information, I will now proceed to utterly ignore its existence.
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