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bear by san

March 2017



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bad girls  mae west

volunteer art--

An illustration for you-know-who sent to me by the talented and funny Rachael Scott, of the webcomic Adagissimo.

 Which she has graciously authorized me to share with you.

Yes, Cat. You have fan art.


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That? Made of win. *g*

Hmm... maybe this could be a regular feature!
Well, it would be rude to presume upon a gift-giver so. *g*

Looks just like her, though....
That's really fantastic.
This really needs to be a regular thing. Would make me get the newspaper again if it were syndicated. :)

Annie does that, though it's often cat on top of monkey's shoulder, with claws very lightly digging into monkey's scalp. (ow. ow. ow.)

You realize this will only serve to make that cat even more presumptuous:

"But Monkey, I'm famous!"
True dat.

Okay, that is bloody frelling adorable.
She's curled up on the pillow beside me being obnoxiously smug now.
Awww!! We can haz picshurz? *g*
You can! You can haz picturz!
Now my cat is looking over my shoulder being jealous *g*.
Now you have to do the book. (do the book)

I did like the webcomic, and i suspect i am far from the target audience. Good lines, oh art person.
(do the book!)
Hey, if it makes somebody happy, I'm all for it.
Garfield move over.
You might vaguely recall, I've fantasized about something like this for some time now.

This is why I love the internet: wait long enough and someone will make your dreams come true.
Whatever you want, the internet has it.
There's such a sleepy sweetness about it, and the colors...


In an alternate universe that exists only in my head, you two eventually team up to make a joyous, funny Cat v. Monkey book and a significant portion of the literate world population purchases and takes great pleasure in reading it.
Hee. I somehow suspect the self-selecting demographic of people who read my blog may be biased. But thank you. *g*
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