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bear by san

March 2017



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spies sandbaggers sense of occasion

in lieu of content:

hominysnark has Highland Coos. Man, I needed that.

Passed my belaying class and my first belay test today. I get to do the test again tomorrow, and then I will be certified not to drop my friends on their heads.

I need more upper-body strength, and endurance.

Operation: take some freaking time off, Bear, is proceeding apace. I am restless and miserable and prickly and intolerable and acting like a complete tool to everybody I know, which probably means that my brain is regenerating.

Really, I should be nailed into a barrel for two weeks after finishing a big project. Everybody would be happier. Including, in the long run, me.


Highland Coos are always a treat. It took me a long time to find out there were other lovers of them.

My mom's dogs look like hornless coos.

Those are some neolithic looking cow dudes.
That's *hieland* coos.

I know. I heard a ghillie tourguide say so when I was in Scotland a few years back. And yes, I've seen the coos for real. And yes they DO look like that [grin]
They keep them in the rare breeds center at a park near my mother's house. This little one was downright flirting with the camera.


Fluffy coooooos are the very best sort and probably don't even mind the jealous looks the non-fluffy coos give them at Agricultural Shows.

Glad the coooos hit the spot. And hope the brain-regeneration isn't too itchy.
I need more upper-body strength, and endurance.

To do what?! You're already climbing Kilimanjaro?!
fucken overhangs, man.
[boring historical info-dump, followed by coooo]

Here in Newcastle-on-Tyne, UK, there's a stretch of open moorland that cuts right into the heart of the city, much like a cake-slice. It's called the town moor, and is common land - which means that under ancient laws, the Freemen of the City are entitled to graze their cattle there. And do.

For the last two years, in among all the Friesians and the Jersey bullocks, there has been one (1) Hieland Coo. I'm fairly sure there is one (1) Freeman out there taking the piss, and I love him.
I wants to snaffle the coo beastie!
Really, I should be nailed into a barrel for two weeks after finishing a big project. Everybody would be happier. Including, in the long run, me.

Thanks for the visual of Samuel Clemens doing just that... LOL!
But what would the PC do during that time?

Thanks for the coos.
Highland coos!
Coincidentaly, I just hung up my calender of them this afternoon and my roommate said I was crazy and dared deny the cuteness of the cows.
Thanks for the cows!
I could get you a really good deal on a slightly used barrel that is probably large enough to hold a worn-out speculative fiction author in need of some isolation and downtime. However, your choices are one smelling of either Jack Daniels or George Dickel whisky, or one smelling of bourbon whiskey, and I suspect being nailed up with that smell for two weeks would probably not improve your state of mind. You'd just end up gnawing on the staves, and getting splinters in your mouth and tongue. Either that, or you'd never be able to stand corn liquor again.
Well, you know.

That would probably assist PLOM...
I need more upper-body strength, and endurance.

Get your mass closer to the rock and use your legs!!! Evan on overhangs, your legs help tremendously if you are positioned properly.

As for endurance, well, we all need that. Personally, I want one of these:

click me!
Dude. I still need more upper body strength.

I'm a girl. Even if my butt is over my heels, I will *always* need more upper body strength.

You guys have no freaking *clue* how much stronger you are, from the waist up. It's like white people having no clue how pervasive white privilege is, because they're swimming in it.
Funny you should speak of endurance... I just walked all the way from Union Station in downtown LA all the way back to school in Whittier. Being stranded sucks; not having numbers of anyone to come pick you up sucks worse. I did get a lovely walking town of, not just East LA, but the lovely towns of Monterey Park, Montebello, Pico Rivera, and a reintroduction to the ever-charmign Whittier. :P

and the most amazing thing? I actually remained positive, and didn't come close to collapsing once. Call me the engergizer battery: I just keep going and going and going...

Of course, it's good to recharge your batteries Bear. It means more books for me, and rest assured, I *will* catch up to you.

Hopefully I'll finish Carnival soon; got a gift certificate for my birthday, so I'm getting Dust next.
Wow. Okay, man, that is suck.

I bet LA has shit for public tranny, too?
You're a genius. That's exactly what we need.