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bear by san

March 2017



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spies mfu geekier than the average spy

i wanna feel the bomb drop, the earth stop 'til I'm satisfied

Oh, look. The WTF have updated their website.

After this week, I promise I will stop reminding people of new Shadow Unit content every Sunday and Thursday. Because, of course, there is an RSS feed, as you may recall.

But this is a big update, especially for people who didn't find the keys to the kingdom already, so... go look.

And don't forget to peek in corners.

You might find some interesting things.


a terribly, tinny midi of "Ode To Joy."

Oh, that will never do.


Thanks for the update.
a terribly, tinny midi of "Ode To Joy."

Ummm, assuming I know what she's talking about, there's a reason she's listening to this particular version. It deviates somewhat from the standard. Now if only I could figure out what, if anything, the colors mean...
I hadn't gone there yet, I went to bed right after I posted. I'm wondering if the grammatical errors are intentional as well.
*looks very innocent*
Hee. Did you *find* the terrible, tinny midi? Somebody worked for *hours* on that.

It's not easy, being intentionally bad.
Oo, yes, TY.

Forgot that was there.
No problem. "Ode to Joy" could be the single finest piece of music ever written. Check out the soundtrack from "immortal Beloved", it has Beethoven's best work by excellent performers and was recorded for audio quality. That version I recorded at a 192 bit rate, which is marginal IMHO, the CD is much better.
I went, I peaked, I even pulled up the rugs.
Verrrrry interesting!
(thanks for the reminder. I have this bookmarked, but until I get into the habit of checking, I appreciate the tap on the shoulder.)
the unreliable status of my internet has prevented me from realizing that the Secrit Project and Shadow Unit was one and the same... Boy am I slow... I looks great by the way, and for all of us who looked for supernatural hints in CM this is a relief!

RSS feed you say? *goes away to figure out how that work*
There's also a livejournal syndication. shadowfeed
thanks! consider it added!
This is going to intrigue and bamboozle me in equal measures.

I found secret stuff - am very pleased with myself as I've never done that before.

(do you have to have gaming experience to really "do" this - or will a n00b (as I believe myself to be) manage?)
Oh, this would bore any real gamer to *tears.* It's easy-peasy.

We actually are trying to make stuff as findable as possible, because the goal is the narrative.

There may be more trickiness later, but I doubt it's ever going to be extreme trickiness.

With Google on my side, I'll give it my best shot.
I just want "Shadow Unit" the cafe press shop with my WTF gear.

Maybe someday....
I definitely want the jacket and coffee mug. Ideally I’d also have a coffee mug for the Laundry, from Charlie Stross’ The Atrocity Archives and The Jennifer Morgue...