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bear by san

March 2017



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lion in winter broken because you're bri

2 a.m.


With visible lightning.


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This is a most disappointing snowpocalypse. It wasn't snowing when I was up at 1, or when I was up at 4:30 (there was a little on the ground at 3:30). Now they've downgraded the total to 3-5" instead of 8-14". Shape up, snowpocalypse!
We got shipped your snopocalypse instead.

I may not be climbing tonight.

oh wow. Now that is inspiring. I needed that. Thank you.

**dashes back to ms**

You are welcome!
It's still thundering, too, occasionally, though I can't see any more flashes.
I've had that once here - truly a spectacular sight. I hope you got to go out and enjoy it!
Two am. Ankle deep snow. Fifteen degrees.


Wow! Sometimes I wish we had more extreme weather in England, but then I remember the hurricane back in the 80's. I'd love to go on an arctic cruise, in the hope of seeing it snowing on the sea - that would be amazing.
I love thundersnow.
Oh, c'mon! You're only three towns over - how come *you* get all the interesting weather?!
were you awake at 2 am?
Wowzers! o.o

I would loooooove to see thundersnow and lightning!!!!
Thundersnow?? I've never even heard of such a thing; that must be neat.

I think I'll stay here in the warm, though. *bundle*
Four or five inches, from a glance out the window.

Wonder if they will actually come plow the parking lot before I have to go to the gym....
Awww, you folks up that way always get to have all the fun. :P

(Zero snow in New Haven ... all we got was rain. And no thunder, that I know of. Seeing as the actual result of weather is inversely proportional to the amount of hysteria in the local media, this surprises me not at all.)

I did see thundersnow once, though, when I was living in Munich. That was pretty impressive. Scared the *crap* outta me. :)

/me introduces self

::waves hi::

by my timing, you might think that wil wheaton could be "blamed." but in fact my RL-friend andleku has been reading your LJ for a while and telling me about it. so really wil's post was just the reminder. greetings!

we've gotten thundersnow here in chicago before (including just a week or so ago) but it is rare.

Re: /me introduces self

Hi! Nice to meet you!

(a) sounds beautiful, and

(b) makes me glad I'm in the land where it seldom snows (I kid you not, the last appreciable snowfall we had was over three winters ago).
Woah--that sounds beautiful!

(Also, I love your icon. So, so much. ♥)
Thanks! It's for sharing, if you like, and there are some more LiW icons in my galleries.

We had a whole half a day of snow here in DC and then it was pretty much gone the next day. very boring. I miss a good snow that requires you to go play and sled in it
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