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i treated her nice and she followed me home

That was a good night at the climbing gym. Not only did I pass my second belay test, and am now certified not to drop my friends on their heads, but I send three routes (okay, I've done them all before, but I am out of routes that I haven't sent that I can--the 5.7s are still beyond me, though I spent fifteen minutes hurling myself at this one that's been defeating me since before Christmas) but on one of them, I figured out how to pull off a kind of leverage move that I never got to work before, and just stand up on something I hadn't been able to stand up on previously. And I felt like I understood how I did it, which was really exciting.

And actually, on the slab-wall 5.6, I not only felt like I knew what I was doing and was making decisions, rather than just randomly trying stuff until I found something that worked--I got both a two-handed crimping finger-lock trick to work, and I got my smearing technique to work, which is a first. (and I even could figure out how it worked. Go team me! I suck less than I did last week!)

Now I need to fold the clean dry laundry, put on some chili to warm up, and maybe practice my finger-picking, since I've already totally trashed out my hands.
Tags: falling off perfectly good rocks

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