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bear by san

March 2017



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writing shadow unit chaz gravity

I promise to stop bugging you about this after today (until the episodes start)

But look, new stuff from the WTF!

Vignettes and toys and cookies and easter eggs will continue biweekly for the immediate future.

First story, Emma's "Breathe," will be posted February 18, followed by my "Knock on Coffins" two weeks later, and Sarah's "Dexterity" two weeks after that, and then Will's "A Handful of Dust" two weeks after that... (and so on.)


Shiver, anticipation, yarr

I loved that little piece.

And I think Madeline Frost is now my favorite character. There's something I really like about damage like that.

*wishes for more pictures*

Re: Shiver, anticipation, yarr

She's... iiiinteresting. *g*

Pictures to follow. But if you picture Stockard Channing or Judi Dench, you won't be far off.

Re: Shiver, anticipation, yarr

Spookily enough, this is almost exactly how I was picturing her. (with the vaguest of hints of the Happy Time Receptionist from Dead Like Me - Crystal(?) )

I am iiiinterested
Ohh, I am intrigued by her. Very... something or other.

(P.S. -- guy across from me on the bus today was reading Dust.)

*g* all good news.


If you're in Massachusetts, that was probably me.

Re: Seriously?

If I couldn't hear you over the bus noise and the iPod deafness, that was definitely you.

Well, hell.

Small frickin' world.

Okay, just so I'm absolutely certain. Was the person you saw wearing a dark blue hoody, black and in glasses?

Re: Small frickin' world.

Sunglasses, yes, and earring. Don't remember clothes.

I don't wear earrings. Ever or at all.

... well crap. It wasn't me.

Not sure why, but I'm somehow disappointed now.

Re: I don't wear earrings. Ever or at all.


Sad now.

Re: I don't wear earrings. Ever or at all.

But on the plus side it means there's another reader out there in the wilderness. A wild undomesticated variety! ;)
Snippet = interesting.

Easter egg = even more interesting.

~scuttles back to work~
No nuns with rulers in my history (other than Blues Brothers, of course), but often I will announce myself on the phone like that.

"Quacks like a wolverine"? She is weird.
~nods~ But int'resting weird...
Hee. You can fel free to continue to bug us- i'm absent-minded, but I don't want to miss a single installment of this.
Rss feed! LJ syndicated!

My shadow feed is being really weird. I am using the default Firefox one and its now showing four updates. All pointing to Monday's. Then I reloaded and they are all pointing to today's now.
Aha! Duly noted!
"Hey, Frost, if you were going to murder active, white, middle-class men between the ages of 20 and 35, how would--"

Uh oh. I have dealt with terrorists, customers, children, dogs, cats, frogs and various other foes, and now I have to watch out for gammas and other anomaloids? Thanks a lot. *grumble grumble*
Loving it, but Chaz's LJ makes me hungry!