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A little more hype for Shadows Over Baker Street, which was reviewed quite favorably in Locus this month.

Sadly, the review isn't online. And no, I haven't received my copy yet, so I can't geek at you over how marvelous all the stories are. But at least there's the contributor list.

I may take today off from writing. In fact, I may declare myself on vacation until Torcon, as I have ~130K of the Book That Ate Cincinatti done, and that seems like a good time to take a break and let my brain refill. I'm not having post-novel brain-scrape yet (which is good, because I'm only 2/5ths done). But the fact is, each act of this book is the size of a short novel, and I need some time to get Act III's plot arc sorted out in my head. I have vague ideas of what happens, but it's time I got the various political goals of the various factions in this section sorted out cleanly so I can move them to mid- and end-game on schedule.

Part of the Stratford Man challenge is the fact that it's really two intersecting books in terms of character arc. And that it has five distinct plot arcs, one for each act, under the thematic, character, and (looser) plot arc of the whole thing. At least I got the bit where I had to get rid of six years' worth of narrative and setup in 80K over with.

This was a somewhat ambitious project, wasn't it?

On the other hand, I'm getting the tinglies to be working on Scardown again, which is good, because Torcon doubles as a research trip for that.

I think I'm coming down with what the boy brought home from Baltimore. I'm exhausted, despite going to bed at ten last night, and I started sneezing this morning.

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