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Auctorial inadequacy, the ongoing saga.

You know, for me, the hardest thing about writing is my ongoing suspicion that everything I write is not very good. (And, you know, this is not a request for everybody to come flock and reassure me. Honest. I have people I pay to do that.) What happens is that by the time I am done working on something, all I can see is what's wrong with it that I have no idea how to fix. La. Sometimes, I suspect my brain invents problems so it will have something to whine about.

I miss being in the headspace where writing was fun, and I enjoyed going to live with the characters for a while and learn about their adventures. All the thrashing is not joyful.

Book # 89: Amanda Downum, The Drowning City (in draft)

Fabulous. Complete with canals, Daring Hexcapes, volcanos, jungles, mer-things, bloodthirsty ghosts, and Tim-Powers-level protagonist abuse. Somebody had better buy this when she's done revising it, so I can crow about it more publicly.

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