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book keeping

And again, I fool myself into writing by quitting:

Wordcount: 973
Reason for stopping: finished the scene. Don't really feel like writing any more, and I'm hoping the next scene will crystallize nicely in my head somehow if I whistle and walk away.


Faustus: When I behold the heauens then I repent
And curse thee wicked Mephostophilis,
Because thou hast depriu'd me of those Ioyes.

Mephostophilis: 'Twas thine owne seeking Faustus, thanke thy selfe.
But think'st thou heauen is such a glorious thing?
I tell thee Faustus it is not halfe so faire
As thou, or any man that breathe on earth.

--Christopher Marlowe, Faustus, Act II scene ii

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