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when you gaze into the internets, the internets gaze also in to you

835 words on "Smoke and Mirrors" today, because of course it's the thing that's absolutely lowest on my priority list, being due sometime in January of 2009. (And there's another Shadow Unit story--"Wind-Up Boogeyman"--I even have to write first. But Todd likes to talk to me in the shower, dirty old man, and he gave me a great big juicy angst-riddled scene this morning.)

I'm pleased, however, because narrative chunks shaking out of my head may be a sign that my brain is starting to regenerate from the forced-march.

I am amused at myself, because it took me 24 hours to figure out that maybe the reason I felt tired and achy and out of sorts was that I was dehydrated. Some naproxen and 48 ounces of water later, I am vastly improved, and the urge to bag on climbing tonight is fading. (And hey, it's up to 13 degrees! No excuses!)

In other news, my Sarracenia is falling down on the job. The fattest, blackest housefly you ever saw is buzzing around the apartment, and I have no idea where it came from.

And here are a whole bunch of reviews and comments on things:

My dad liked Dust:

nayad liked Undertow:

carla_scribbles liked Dust:

gscbook does not have the love for the Promethean Age stuff, with spoilers:

Joe Sherry doesn't mind New Amsterdam too much:

varianor really likes Undertow:

thebostonreader likes Jenny but finds Scardown confusing:

shadowkat67 found Blood & Iron disappointing:
(I like this review a lot, if only because it tells me a lot about how the book intersects with certain readers.)

next_bold_move (I love that username) liked B&I, however.

carbonel mostly approves of Carnival:

pnkrokhockeymom goes into lit-crit mode on Whiskey & Water:
(Now, this is the way to author's heart. Seriously.)

lightreads gives New Amsterdam a thumbs-up, and a "They Fight Crime!"

Graem's Fantasy Book Review does Wastelands:

kaiz liked A Companion to Wolves:
(I have a special place in my heart for everybody who has said OMG TEH SEX IS SO HAWT! Really, for me, the sex in that book was so unhot as to be a turn-off. However, comma, it's kind of reassuring to know that I can write stuff that is Not My Kink convincingly. I'm always a little worried when I can figure out what a writer likes in bed from reading his or her work. [NB: Of course, I did not write the sex scenes. truepenny wrote all the sex scenes.)

galeni really liked ACtW, too. Win!

Poodlerat also liked it:
(Amusement value for those who chased all of the above links and noticed the one who doesn't like Sarah's work, and thinks I am a positive influence on Sarah; and the one who doesn't like my work, and thinks she's a positive influence on me. The funniest part of this, of course, is that in place of pride on my refrigerator, next to the Moscow Rules magnet, the Zen magnet, and the pornographic Shakespearean refrigerator poetry, is a magnet Sarah gave me that shows two crusty old broads in Mother Hubbards and bears the caption: "We've been through a lot together, and most of it was your fault."

It is good to have friends.

I kind of think we're a collective bad influence, personally.)

And speaking of being a bad influence, marythefan really liked ACtW and isn't sure she's supposed to.
(I would like to go tell her that any way you read a book is the right way, as long as you can defend your reading. But that would be rude.

I love this line with all the love that is in me:

And makes me feel like I'm being one of those guys who gets off on his comic books without realizing that mainstream female superheroes are being drawn more like fetish porn than pro source material really ought to be.

Well yeah. Exactly. That's what subversion is for. And you know, the classical pro-slash argument is that it's a subversion of everything that's wonky about gender roles in general media. The fact that it also hits a sexual kink for most or all of the readers/writers thereof is, well, it's something for examination, right, but it doesn't make it bad.

I have some fantasy kinks myself that don't exactly bear Feminist Inspection. On the other hand, I also know where they come from, and yanno, I am keenly aware of the fantasy/reality divide. Getting off on something problematic doesn't make you a bad person, unless you go out of your way to arrange to have it happen in real life, and not in a consensual role-playing situation. (Then, eventually, the nice men at the FBI will get interested in you, if--and we hope--you fail to cover your tracks enough.)

That's what fantasy is for. That's what fiction is for. It gives us a means to do things we can't do in real life, because they're wrong. (Well, it's also for thematic arguments, but that's besides the point.)

It's the salad dressing story*. Writ large.)

*Two elderly sisters live together. Each night at dinner, one sister takes the salad dressing out of the bottle and measures two servings into a silver serving dish. Finally, one night, the other sister says to the first one, "Muriel, honey, it's okay to put the bottle on the table as long as we're nice, and know better."

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