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bear by san

March 2017



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muppetology beaker meep meep

their tails are made of the springs.

Whoever the primary writer of the Wikipedia entry on Tigger is, they are totally made of win.

Dry sense of humor and a relaxed command of the English language, yay!

He is easily recognized by his orange and black stripes, beady eyes, a long chin, a springy tail, and his bouncy personality. As he says himself, "Bouncing is what Tiggers do best".


My daughter is a Huge Tigger fan. Course it doesn't hurt that Mom got her a real production still from the time when Tigger bowls down Pooh and is stand on top of him. It was a gift to her when she was just a little girl.
The Still is now in the Boys Room, inspiring more love of everything Tigger and Pooh and Disney. Life is good.
Hey, I raise them right. ;)

Tigger's role in my family...

When my brother was little, he was constantly getting into trouble and no form of punishment seemed to affect him until...

After sketching on the cherry wood dresser using a nail file, our mother announced that she'd have to punish Tigger for what he did.
Oh the wailing, the weeping, and the horror. Tigger was not only spanked, but made to have a twenty minute time out in the corner.

He was a changed 6 year old after that.

Re: Tigger's role in my family...

Your mother. Secretly a THRUSH agent.

Re: Tigger's role in my family...

Really, that explains a lot about our childhood.

That particular Tigger turns 30 this year, and still occupies a place of honor in his home. I should probably mention this to his SO in case he gets out of line.

bouncey bouncey fun fun fun

My best friend is tiggerific. She has a tigger that comes pretty much everywhere with her, Glasgow, Korea, France. His life is generally full of excitement and you never know when you will be pounced and bounced by his small orange form flying across the room. He is a huggable comfort and imbues us both with hyperactivity through his antics. Although he was very lazy and didn't come back to Scotland last time but stayed in Korea addicted to the high speed internet- and it's read supply of tigger.
suitable porn. We are both 25 (tigger is 9). I think it is essential to have a springy bottom.

What does totally made of win mean? sorry I am intrigued.

Re: bouncey bouncey fun fun fun

Oh, just what it sounds like. As in, has so much win (or goodness, or authority, or wonderfulness) in it that it might as well be made of it.
Being slightly less than fully awake I first read the header asa 'their falls are made of the springs'.
...well, at least it was "falls."
What else might it have been?
Just keep swapping initial letters and you'll get there.

Pretty fast, if you start at the beginning of the alphabet.
Oh. I'm slow this morning.
I'm slow all the time. ;-)
Somehow, I doubt that.

off-topic (sort of):

icon love.

Re: off-topic (sort of):

Thank you. *g*
I once answered all queries as to what grillghod might like for his upcoming birthday with the cheerful news that he is mad, mad I tell you, for all things Tigger. This information was greeted wwith glee and delight by family, friends and coworkers.There was to be a Tiggerrriffic extravaganazza. My personal high point would have been his supervisor bouncing in and doing the wonderful thing about tiggers song complete with dramatical arm gestures and bouncing. He wasn't the best singer we heard that day but he could bounce with real authority.

It was as tiggerfiffic a birthday as could be assembled. He still refers to it fondly.

Edited at 2008-01-23 12:17 pm (UTC)
He wasn't the best singer we heard that day but he could bounce with real authority.

...sort of like Iggy Pop.

(That's a fantastic sentence, by the way.)
The only good part about getting my wisdom teeth out was getting a Tigger pillow as a present from my dad. It goes with my Tigger mugs and the Tigger PJs. My ears, though, are Stitch, mostly because those are far more interesting to wear in public.