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"He doesn't speak. He just points."

I almost need a Rossi icon for this one. But I just don't have one. So sad!

"Ah. A fan. Your world's a very crowded place, isn't it?"
"You'd be surprised."

Reid has detect document of graphological interest on a 20 or less. He can smell 'em. Seriously, the mysterious 3rd Ph.D. has got to be psycholinguistics.

Also, Spencer? You look like hell. Red-eyed, hair unwashed. Not that I blame you, after the barn and the bathroom in recent eps. I still covet that giant gray cardigan.

I think "Road trips with Reid" must be one of the Chinese hells. Peter Coyote reading the entire Foundation trilogy! Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Rossi has just paid for every time he's ever annoyed me.
Rossi as celebrity is actually very well-done.
And Dave gets major points for forcing Agent Morris there to acknowledge Reid.

"Maybe I will take that coffee."

I am very fond of the paperwork montage. One thing I miss about my beloved sixties shows is the time they had to put in a little footwork.
And Rossi is borrowing reid's blue nitrile gloves.

"To be sure."
"And are you?"

Crazy Agent Morris may be crazy, but she totally gets points for running Dave.
Ooo. Integumentary! Good word!
And Dave is possessive of his team now, after being so doubtful of the concept to begin with.

Nice crane shot.
Reid really does look like the fourth day of a three-day bender.

"Salient materials." COTW is made of fail.
"Find the fetish. Find the fiend."

I like Prentiss and Morgan gambling on profiles. "He's caucasian."
Greenscreen! Oh, how I have missed you, my greenscreen.
Hotch has been reading porn again.
Heh. Yeah, Hotch. I know where that quote came from, too.

Trophies! Drink!

Okay, the bit there with Rossi mentoring Reid on how to deal with testifying in a court of law? Beautiful. This is the character I wanted him to be from the start, I think: somebody with Gideon's experience, but without Gideon's slightly creepy possessive-manipulative tendencies. (Don't get me wrong, here: I enjoyed that as a facet of Gideon's character. I didn't want to see it carried over.)

And Reid's voice dropping off as he talks about the torture. If Reid was a funhouse mirror for Gideon, then Rossi is Reid's opposite and complement, not his dark mirror.

Mmm. Lighting on JJ is beautiful.
You know, every time Reid says the word "Actually," my heart skips a beat, because I know some Little Known Fact will follow.

"What about her hair?"
And Agent Creepy checks her hair. I actually thought on first viewing that she might be the UNSUB.

"Disclosures were made at the time of sale..."
"All the electrical is messed up."
"Outlet's been tampered with." Rossi cracks the case!

"Dave and Hotch are back."
"I didn't join the Bureau to win awards." Oh yes you did.
"We generally try not to mythologize these guys." JJ, I love you.

Penelope is Sir Not Appearing In This Episode.

"She does know we don't work for her, right?"
Morgan FTW!

Greenscreen x2
Oh look, another UNSUB checking out Prentiss. Wonder if that will ever pay off.

This ep is a little light on the meta and the layering, I think. It's not a bad ep, but they're still establishing the backstory on Rossi, so there's less juicy back there.
Hotch, kick her again.
"Those are Cullen's victims." Oh, Hotch, I love you.
"The Bureau doesn't need any more agents like that." And Rossi's reaction shot. beautiful.

"I'm saying I find her excitement level at the prospect of finding more bodies unsettling."
No, Em. Much as I hate to side with the boys, I think Reid would probably be even more freaked out if Agent Morris there were a man. Remember who you are dealing with here.
Okay, what are the odds that they're in a diner and neither Em not Reid are eating junk food?
Geographical profiling! It's what's for dinner!

Do not come make passes at Agent Rossi in his hotel room. It's transparent and he's divorced.
Dave pays for his own drink. And earns my respect again.
Somewhat disappointed that the defensive tactics thing did not pay off in the climax.

You may prefer single malt, honey. But you put ice in it, and apparently so does Dave.
You are both. Going. To Hell.
"No. I don't remember you." <3<3<3<3

...she's relinquished her femininity?

I like them making patent the parallel between Morris and Rossi.
And a shout out all the way back to the dim mists of s1, and "Poison." "Say the name. Say the name."

And the heartbreaking victims' families. Drink.
Fade off the blue dress. Aieeee.

"I saw it." Depersonalization.
Spencer's girly fingernails are back.
I love my show. Masturbation and menstruation on episode, dealt with as a matter of course. Er. Pun not really intentional.
"I think we need to see what's in that field."

Morgan, you are beautiful. And Reid's not in the scene, so everybody is wearing latex gloves. Is it mean of me to wonder if it's Reid who's got the latex allergy, or Matthew Gray Gubler?

Why? He wants the attention.
"You don't want that." Oh, Emily. There you are on the victim's side.

Book metaphor. Maybe book metaphors should be a Rossi Drinking Game moment.

Look, a BAU PSA.
Dear America: When you are randomly rear-ended, be aware that the person who caused the accident may be an UNSUB.

Oh, Garcia. You are beautiful and smart and brave. I love you best.

"Planning another press conference?" Morgan <3<3<3<3<3<3

And Rossi fesses up. And takes his thumping from Hotch.
"It's not too late for her."
Oh, Em is gonna be sorry she missed that one later, when Reid and JJ tell her about it.

The lighting guy is a genius. Reid and Rossi in the reflected glow of the UNSUB's email. Wow.

Okay, Agent Morris? The FBI agent who wears those shoes on the job? Deserves to be fired.

"Looks like she was dragged."
Reid pushing down his trigger response to try to comfort Dave is lovely. Mantegna's beat on the reply is a little heavy, though. "As sure as I know myself." Probably was better before the Portentous Music. (Dear Criminal Minds" We are smrt and get it.)

Reid cracks the case!
Hotch cracks the case!
Garcia cracks the case!

Nice cut.

"It'll never be over. Not for us."

Hotch goes right for the wounded victim. Because he's Hotch.
And the UNSUB gloats.

"Implying that I'm a victim when I'm not."
"I can handle it."
"She didn't make it, Jill."

And it's unstated, and way down deep, but Agent Morris isn't just a mirror for Agent Rossi.
She's Agent Reid, as well. Hoist on her own arrogance.
And the lovely irony is, Rossi is the only guy on the team who doesn't know it.

And Agent Morris learns nothing. Sorry, Dave. You lose. ("I'm fine." Drink. Yes, Reid has advanced beyond her.)

(Silence of the Lambs parody ep, anyone? Oh yes I think so.)

And you know, I wonder about this ep. Because it ran two minutes short. And I wonder what was in that two minutes, that didn't air.
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